REAL MADRID CF player CRISTIANO RONALDO has been pointed out by fans & the media as one of the principal disappointments of last Saturdays "Clasico" with FC BARCELONA,  where the Madrid team was defeated 1 - 3. I personally,  here on the blog  posted ( story below),  that Ronaldo repeatedly "chokes" in the big occasions ( observable experience with nothing against the man personally). The local media has been more severe in their comments & analysis  with some even going as far to say that Ronaldo is a "False Great". 

Cristiano Ronaldo - clasico 2011

Sports papers have attempted to determine what possible cause/s may exist that makes Ronaldo "shrink" in the face of FC Barcelona &/or the big moments ( barring his Spanish Cup winning goal in extra-time last year). The papers have even consulted "sports psychologists" in an attempt to give readers a possible answer, the main consensus is OBSESSION, which leads to anxiety.

So I went to a psychology source for its true definition:

Obsession: An obsession is the inability of a person to stop thinking about a particular topic or feeling a certain emotion without a high amount of anxiety. When obsessed, an individual continues the obsession in order to avoid the consequent anxiety. In the case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), the individual may have only the obsessions, compulsions or both. An example of an obsession in OCD is a person who can't stop thinking about something in particular at all times.

I now add , what is "that something"?

- To be the best...the Nº1.
- To score the most goals
- Be the "star"
- Be adored by all the fans
- Get the most press front covers

- Have the most Social media followers & presence
- FC Barcelona
- Lionel Messi , his direct rival
- Be the hero when Real Madrid finally can defeat Barça
etc. & etc..

If it is in fact all these - I'm just asking - I can understand why Ronaldo can´t perform. No one can with so many obsessions.

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