Many Football observers have made the popular comment that Spanish Football Club FC BARCELONA is from another planet, making reference to the teams form of touch Football, non-stop titles & incredible "extra-terrestrial" players. I think that the comment is very relevant & even picturesque in describing what is possibly the "Greatest Football Team in History" in terms of what the popular Football canons depict as the "playing theory" of Football. This last point is debatable but no less accurate when applied with solid arguments using Barça as the main case & example. Their numbers the last three seasons leave little space to other arguments.

I add another picturesque comment: that the FC Barcelona planet rotates around a bright & giant star: Lionel Messi. The Argentine "sun" radiates most of the intense light & energy for Barça & head Astronaut ( Coach ) Guardiola knows perfectly well that all "life support" systems depend on the Messi star.

Spanish football
Messi - Villa

Many orbiting planets have been burnt & disintegrated trying to out place from its orbit the Messi star at Barça ( more later) . Coach Guardiola seasons back made a strategic decision that has paid dividends & has given huge success; the whole team - everyone - plays for & rotates around the "Best Player of The World".  So much so, that LIONEL MESSI is what is termed in Football as "false Nº9" at Barça with total liberty of movement to do what he pleases on the field & even "free" of strict tactical responsibilities. Said in a colloquial manner, Lionel Messi is the man, the goal scorer & the star.

This has lead to a string of disappearing acts that have either burnt themselves out or have been fried by the intense Messi light. It is no coincidence that Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto´o, Ibahimovic & Bojan are all players who´s natural playing area coincides with Messi & have all reacted badly when pushed aside,  & have even been pushed out of the team & Club. Messi is undisputed, unquestionable & untouchable.

The next planet which is feeling the "Messi heat" is DAVID VILLA. Villa was the sun that Valencia CF rotated around,  but this particular planet could give Villa the "life-titles" that his shining light needed. The move to another Galaxy full of shining suns looked like the right move & the "titles" did come,  but at the expense of become a "dwarf star". David Villa has been sent to the wings, away from the goal, to reconvert himself as a Football player at the full service of Lionel Messi. But there is more this season,  Villa is below habitual goal numbers, the worst in the last 5 years. The Spanish International has started on the bench 6 out of the 12 Liga matches & when he has played, Villa admirably scores, but smells the goal too little for a natural "goal animal".

The rumours have already began to be heard that the relationship between Villa & Messi is not "cosmically aligned", although firmly dismissed by both players & Club. Other "shadow" observers have said behind closed doors that Messi does not allow others to block his light & tells Coach Guardiola his "feelings". In conclusion , Guardiola knew the risks of his "one star" strategy when he made it & till now it is working fine. Why fix something if it ain´t broke.

Villa is a strained piece, he has other Football problems on his back. New shining stars like Cuenca, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez & Deulofeu all waiting to fill the "space-time" vacuum if David Villa turns into a Barça "black-hole".

Will David Villa be the next Eto´o, Ibrahimovic of this end of season? To early to tell & be so adamant, Villa has fighting spirit & is likely to surprise us all with important goals that will make him shine again at Camp Barça. But the LIONEL MESSI light is strong & overpowering , some accept to be bathed in the Messi light while others...

Stay tuned! 

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