Oh my dear, how the REAL MADRID - NEYMAR "transfer operation" has complicated itself in the last 10 days. Weeks back the Spanish Football Club - the representative - the player were said to have an agreement. Real Madrid President Perez flew to Paris to meet up with SANTOS President Ribiero & things looked like being shut in matters of hours or days. But no sir, not at all, things have gone wrong & are drifting apart as the days roll on & the LIGA season 2011 - 2012 gets closer (read here post on Neymar a week back).
So what is happening?

Spanish Football

Real Madrid wishes to have Brazilian sensation NEYMAR now. In fact, Real Madrid Manager-Coach Mourinho & President Perez are said to have called personally to convince the player to catch a plane now. But this last action has not occured & there are reasons:
  • Santos - & apparently Neymar himself - wants the player in their team to play the "Clubs World Championship" in Tokyo in December. This tournament means everything for South American Clubs , more than it would for European Club, but no less important for the latter.
  • Neymar is a social phenomenon at Santos & in Brazil. The Club & its President fears a possible fan back-lash, similar to the Sergio Aguero case with Atletico de Madrid here in Spain.
  • Neymar is a marketing money making machine & Santos benefits from the rights.
Therefore, Santos is proposing to Real Madrid that they allow ( if not,  they will not sell) Neymar to play the "Clubs World Championship" & have him over to Madrid in January 2012.

However, last comments from Santos President Ribiero have set off alarms. According to alleged comments made to Brazilian media "Lance" an official communication will be made & sent today/tomorrow of the NOT FOR SALE by Santos to Real Madrid. If true, & along with this a no bullshit attitude from the Brazilians, this will complicate things x 10. Santos could take Real Madrid to FIFA is the Spanish Football Club insists, or if Real Madrid goes ahead unilaterally & pays the players 45M€ contract release clause, there could be legal tangles that may complicate things even further.

Why all this now?
  • Santos & its President may be looking to inflate further the transfer price.
  • Santos does in fact wish sincerely Neymar with them in the "Clubs World Championship" & are pressuring all they can.
  • The player himself, Neymar, may be "scared" to make the jump to Europe. In Brazil he is the biggest thing since sliced bread right now, a teen idiol,  & lets not forget that Neymar is precisely this, a 19 year old kid.
But there may be a more "sinister" element in all this & it is my speculation without any proof at all because I am not a professional Sports journalist, but some who are have insinuated the following:
  • FC Barcelona President Rosell is very well connected to Brazilian Football. It comes back from his "old days" as Brazilian President of a Sportwear multi-national. The Barça President was invited by the Brazilian Federation to attend the "Copa America" & was even invited to travel to a game along with the Brazilian National Team. Some "tongues" mention that Barça President Rosell ate with Santos President & the father of Neymar.
  • The alleged conversation ( no proof can be given) may have gone along theses lines; Barcelona accepts Neymar stays another year at Santos - thus plays the "Clubs World Championship" - & would make a formal offer for the player at the end of the season. Barcelona has not enough funds now but will have in 2012 to shut the operation.
Now I don´t really give much weight to this last "conspiracy theory" because if it were true it would cause a big explosive conflict between Real Madrid & FC Barcelona & with the "personal relationship" of both Club Presidents. However, I don´t doubt that Santos is certainly using this "threat" to force Real Madrid to give in to their desires.

Meanwhile , RONALDO ( ex-Real Madrid Brazilian star) is attempting to mediate & convince Neymar to go now to Real Madrid, & the lastest news is that Real Madrid may send an ultimatum this week to the player as the Spanish Football Club is feed-up with the attitude of both player & his Club. Thus things continue & are tense...

Now I ask myself to finish, would it have been better to have signed SERGIO AGUERO? Once the option of Aguero was totally discarded , Neymar & Santos won in bargaining strength & now have Real Madrid by the "balls". Imagine Real Madrid starting 2011-2012 season without Neymar? Its possible & ALDEBAYOR is the option & only for 5M€

Stay tuned folks!

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