Brazilian young Football promise NEYMAR has his destiny closer & closer with SPANISH FOOTBALL via his soon incorporation - or signing - with REAL MADRID. As updated here days ago on a below post about Neymar the player had basically agreed to a 6 year contract at 5M€ per season: the transfer price 45M€. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez flew to Paris to meet Santos President to accelarated the negotiations & settle the agreement at Club level.

Spanish Football

According to Brazilian paper "O Globo" picked up here by Spanish Sports Press, the Real Madrid President will meet up with the Father of Neymar here in Madrid next week to attempt to shut everything water tight.

The only issue that apparently is niggling away at talks is if Neymar stays with Santos until the end of the year so as to play with Santos in the "Clubs World Championships" or if he incorporates himself to Real Madrid for the pre-season. The final decison will be made by the player & his family.

Independently of the timimg chosen, everything points that Neymar is 95% a soon to be Real Madrid signing. I allow 5% for things that can go wrong, using the example of Alexis Sanchez & FC Barcelona which looked 99% a few days ago & still there is no final announcement or agreement.

Stay tuned!

LATEST: According to local press. FC Barcelona is niggling away at the last moment. They apparently offer "more" but ask that the player wait another year. Real Madrid still in the "box" seat.

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