SPANISH FOOTBALL promises to be interesting & agitated this week as the elimination of Brazil (Neymar) & Argentina (Aguero) will speed up transfer & signing proceedings, or at least clear up the future of some players & where they will play next season. While the case of Brazilian International looks pretty much clear, the future of Argentine & ATLETICO DE MADRID forward SERGIO AGUERO now enters the "critical stage". According to the players representive ( one of them at least ) HernĂ¡n Reguera who commented to paper "Ole" , Aguero will resolve his future this week with his future Club. But which Club?

Spanish Football
Sergio Aguero

The Club that SERGIO AGUERO wishes is to play for is REAL MADRID, but the latter has not made a formal move or offer as yet, at least publicly. Media observers add that Real Madrid has "tested" Atletico but the latter has solicited Real Madrid to avoid asking, offering or buying to avoid "breaking" inter-Club relations & cause a "riot" from the Atletico fans. Thus as far as we all know, Real Madrid does not wish to put Atletico Directives in any problems, keep their good relations flowing & have not made the 45M€ contract release clause offer. This in itself has perplexed Sergio Aguero as he believed that Real Madrid would take "care of things" after he made the move of announcing that he wished to leave his Club. In fact, Aguero is "affected" by the Real Madrid decision to go after Brazilian Neymar.

The only Club to date that has offered the asking price of 45M€ is apparently MANCHESTER CITY &, today in Spanish Sports Football paper "AS", it looked serious & a real possibility. So serious that the paper titles ..."Aguero will go to City this week"! The paper argues that Aguero hasn´t any other choice,as Atletico refuses to deal with Real Madrid & City is the only Club will to fork out the impressive 45M €uros.

Said all this, it costs me to really believe this story. Atletico may agree with City a transfer fee but the player will have the final say, & Aguero does not wish to move from Spain, at least those are his words. I feel the player will use the Manchester City option as a manoeuvring lever to pressure Real Madrid into action & that the latter may come into the public light this week. This is my guess of course, a hypothetical guess, as I also do not count out FC Barcelona if the Sanchez - Cesc Fabregas negotiations complicate  themselves further. This last option is not in the betting sweep stakes, but ...

I have a feeling that the Sergio Aguero case will drag on further than we all think & that the battle will be bitter & bloody as the player will use all sorts of "tricks" to get to where he wishes. I do not at all discard a "dark shadow & sinister hand" pulling the strings from Real Madrid as they attempt to keep the good guys profile in the face of the public.

They say this is the decisive week - heard that one before - lets see if this is the case.

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