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Watching a popular late night SPANISH FOOTBALL TV programme the other night one of the journalists invited said: ..."the Cesc Fabregas operation isn´t so shut case as it seems". In fact, the journo went further & said ..."It is all taking longer than expected to shut the transfer of Cesc to Barcelona".

Food for thought, especially as one reads a few headlines in todays Spanish Sports press. The first piece is from "AS" which publish that FC Barcelona has offered to pay for the Cesc Fabregas transfer in quotes. That is,  9,5M€ (25 % of the offered 37,5 M€) now upfront & the rest in negotiated periods. Problem is ARSENAL asks for 44M€, & the clear fact is that FC Barcelona,  believe it or not, has a cash problem, that is , only 45M€ to make signings & they are talking about Cesc, Sanchez & who knows who else. If I was Arsenal, I may be in my right mind to think if Barça is in fact seroius at all about signing Cesc Fabregas

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But there is more to this extended signing story. Today "Sky Sport" publish that REAL MADRID may have entered the picture & has approached ARSENAL without any "fancy financial formulas" claiming that Madrid think that 45M€ looks good to them. First instinct is to find out if this is at all true, that Real Madrid in fact has made a move or its Arsenal turning the screws. Secondly, it could be Real Madrid attempting to give their rival a hard time as it is a habitual manoeuvring behaviour used by both sides to "sit it up" the other. Thirdly, it could be all genuine as what Real Madrid really do need to spice up their squad is a creative midfielder with characteristics of Fabregas.

The player will independently need to seriously consider & think about his future beyond his "heart-strings". What is almost certain is that Fabregas at FC Barcelona will not be the "star" & will spend time on the bench. While at Real Madrid Cesc Fabregas could become the "engineer" of the team, get a firm & steady place & become a real undisputed World Star.

I still believe at this stage that Cesc Fabregas looks more closer to becoming a FC Barcelona player than for any other Club. But it is true that the "getting Cesc to Barcelona" operation is taking too long & this naturally gives rise to questions & some doubt. Stay tuned!

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