A couple of days ago I wrote a post about the Cesc Fabregas - FC Barcelona situation & how the Spanish Football player was seeing his attempt to join Barça being turned into a frustrating & almost nightmare experience. I made the point here that it looks like that FC Barcelona was not as "keen" in getting back their long "lost" son , as the long "lost" son is keen in getting back home. At least not at any price according to the official Barça signals.

Spanish Football
Barça Coach Guardiola

Today FC Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola gave the first  press conference of the pre-season & there were some eye opening statements that have really caught my attention. The first was this pearl of honestly when asked what is the signing priority at this moment:

"La prioridad es un delantero" (translated - "the priority is a forward") . Not a midfielder, therefore not Cesc Fabregas, obviously Alexis Sanchez ...mmmm, there was more. 

When asked about Cesc Fabregas & his attempts to "force" a way out of Arsenal:

"A mí no me gustaría que un jugador mío se negara a entrenar. Cesc tiene que hacer lo que el Arsenal le pida. Si no ha ido a la gira asiática es porque tiene molestias. Él es jugador del Arsenal". (translated : "I would not like my player to refuse to train. Cesc has to do what Arsenal asks him to do. If he did not go on the Asian Tour its because he was´nt fit. He is an Arsenal player" )

You can interprete this anyway, but this could be a message to "calm down son".

The Barça Coach then "diplomatically said that Cesc was a wanted player by them, that Barça had the money for both Cesc & SAnchez & ( this is another pearl) ...if Cesc can´t come this year , then next year. Barça has´nt any rush & until the 31st of August there is plenty of time. Next year? Plenty of time? What if Guardiola is not at Barcelona next year?  

Spanish Football
Cesc Fabregas & his Spanish Football mates

I don´t know about Cesc Fabregas, but if I were him I would be really disappointed with the lack of "love" coming out of Camp Barça. Not a priority at this moment? To use a comparison with Real Madrid ( just a comparison ), when they want a player they get their player: Cristiano Ronaldo 97M€, Kaka 67M€, Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Ronaldo, ... etc etc

Will Cesc Fabregas end up at Barcelona? I think that he will because the player wants to so blindly & its his heart felt desire, but I am not seeing here "love" , whole hearted reciprocal love from Barcelona.

To finish on a light note, perhaps if Cesc Fabregas would have been a musician this may have been written by him. Or at least its a track that can be used as the soundtrack of this long, frustraing, suffering Spanish Football Player story.

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