The positions between FC BARCELONA & ARSENAL FC are getting closer & it looks that the transfer of the Arsenal Captain CESC FABREGAS is close & soon to be shut. Its taken three years of on-off-on bargaining & strategic planning to get the "prodigal son" back to Barcelona. However the question is , does Barcelona really need Cesc? Or a bigger question for the future of Cesc Fabregas, is FC Barcelona the right Club to make a move to & continue on with his career?

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The Cesc Fabregas move to FC Barcelona seems to be soaked with spiritual, almost religious, reasons that cloud a more cold & thought out logical process of rational analysis. The Barcelona Club feels an ethical & moral obligation to sign Cesc Fabregas paying 35 - 40M€ when the Clubs has no "cash- flow". The player, Cesc Fabregas, wants to get back to Barcelona to spend time with his mates Pique & Puyol. Morality? Ethics? Friendship? Dangerous words & "vibrations" that any serious professional should avoid if they are serious in their thirst for triumph, titles, success & progression. 

Lets look at the actual FC Barcelona team & look at the position Cesc Fabregas is supposed to add value: the midfield. Barça has already Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano, Keita...& young "sensacion" Thiago. Does Barcelona need Cesc Fabregas?

But here is the question most local observers are asking: will Barcelona pay 35-40M€ to have Cesc Fabregas spend more time on the bench than on the field? Can anyone think seriously that Fabregas will displace Xavi or Iniesta? if so, I can imagine Xavi & Iniesta having a chat with Guardiola asking why their "mate" is playing in THEIR position.

Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal is Captain, vital in the team set up & adored by his fans. Cesc Fabregas at FC Barcelona will be just another good midfield player, on the bench as a great substitute to Xavi & Iniesta, the grand mate of Pique & Puyol.

Current Coach Guardiola is the big supporter of Cesc Fabregas & has asked that the Club make an effort to get the player over. But Guardiola has threatened on many occasion to end his stint at Barça: If Guardiola decides to end his stay next season?

I get the feeling that Cesc Fabregas has thought more with his heart & feelings than with his head. I feel that it is a big mistake the move to Barcelona & that the career of Cesc Fabregas will be seriously altered from "super-star" to "just a midfielder" status. Football is a serious matter, its much more than hanging out with your mates & having fun; its work & lots of dedication in an every changing daily environment. I hope I am wrong,  as the player has the talent to be a huge star & give us nights of Football magic. I don't want to see the man on a bench cheering on his mates & wondering why.

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