FC BARCELONA takes SPANISH FOOTBALL to the top position of European & World Football after winning with a 3 - 1 result English Club MANCHESTER UNITED in the 2011 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Final played tonight at the "Wembley Stadium" (London). 

Spanish Football
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It is FC Barcelona fourth Champions League Title & they repite the first that the Club won back in 1992 in the same stadium. Since then the Club has worked hard in building a team of "home-breed" youngsters that have matured tonight under Coach Guardiola to become the "Best Football Team in The World" with many observers adding, that perhaps of all time.

Rooney scores for Manchester United

The match started with Manchester United on fire & rocking Barça about which looked very nervous & unstable. It was clear that the aim for the English team was to score first & they had a couple of chances that Barça keeper Valdes foiled in some great stopping actions. From the 15th min onwards Barcelona began touching the ball & dominanting proceedings with Xavi, Iniesta & Messi looking very dangerous. Then a magical pass from Xavi found PEDRO who scored the first goal in the 27th min.

However, Manchester United showed their class & personality & managed to turn a Barça mistake into a great equalizing goal by WAYNE ROONEY in the 34th min. The first half finished balanced & both teams went off in a thinking mode that anticipated a grand second half.

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Lionel Messi scores for FC Barcelona

The second half saw Barcelona start in top form & virtually took full control of the game from the first minute. The Spanish Football team touched the ball around making Manchester United run after them until gaps appeared. Then in the 54th min LIONEL MESSI pull a "riffle" shot from outside the box that "cut the grass" to score pass a surprised goalkeeper Van Der Sar. The Messi goal was a milestone for the Argentine, it meant his 12th Champions League goal in the season equalizing Van Nistelrooys record of 12  of  season 2008-2009, plus his Top Goal scorer for the third time in a row in the Champions League competition. Naturally UEFA awarded Messi the "Man of The Match" for tonights performance, a performance that needs others to be mentioned like Valdes, Iniesta, Xavi & Mascherano.

Spanish Soccer
David Villa scores for FC Barcelona 

FC Barcelona then lifted a gear & looked to "kill off" the match as Manchester was showing signs of picking themselves up, but DAVID VILLA scored a curler in the 69th min that sealed the match for Barça & put things & the final out of "psychological" reach for Manchester United.

Manchester United lament the Barça goal

To end, just a few points to highlights like Barça Captain Carles Puyol - under an injury cloud & substitute tonight - was given a run towards the end, & secondly the whole Barça team made honorary Captain defender ERIC ABIDAL so he could receive the Champions League Trophy after surviving,  & coming back to play the final from liver cancer surgery.  

Congratulations to FC Barcelona for a wonderful match & their 4th Champions League title,  & to Manchester United who were worthy opponents but faced a Team that many describe as possibly the "Best in Football History".

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