REAL MADRID has the first casuality from the "Barça Wars", or at least the one that is ringing the most in Spanish Sports media. CRISTIANO RONALDO has been "punished" by his Coach José Mourinho mainly for the following post-match comments to media after the Champions League semi-final 0 - 2 loss against FC Barcelona :

"No me gusta jugar así, pero tengo que adaptarme a lo que me piden..."

"I don´t enjoy playing like that, but I have to adapt myself to what they ask..."

Spanish Football Real Madrid 2011
Cristiano Ronaldo 2011

This direct criticism to the teams playing strategy & tactics, along with continual on-field complaints to his team-mates has made José Mourinho make the decision to leave out of the Real Madrid squad the Portuguese player for todays Spanish Football League game against Real Zaragoza.

This may not be so harsh if it wasn't for that fact that Ronaldo is two goals behind FC Barcelona player Lionel Messi in the "Pichichi title" (leading Spanish League Goal scorer in a season) race & cannot attempt to catch up today, while Messi could decisively break away. The personal rivalry between both is so intense that the "punishment" imposed by Mourinho will be causing "internal pain" & anger.

From a dressing room perspective, Cristiano Roanldo was heading towards this situation, as he has been out of tone with his team-mates on other occasions & some players were thinking that their could exist some favouritism. José Mourinho has washed these ideas away & returned some cohesion back within the dressing room. Similiar players who are - or have - experienced the "wrath" of Mourinho like Leon, Lass, Canales, Ramos...will see a least a coherent behaviour, & the rest of the squad will heed the "warning".

Cristiano Ronaldo will be watching the Zaragoza game from the stands, & perhaps reflecting on his words & the need to demonstrate more solidarity with his team, apart from keeping an eye on who are the goal scorers in the Real Sociedad - Fc Barcelona Liga match.

Coach Mourinho has rested Xabi Alonso & Lass Diarra for today's Real Zaragoza match.

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