SPANISH FOOTBALL has been totally eclipsed by the Round 32 Real Madrid - FC Barcelona match, but three important Spanish League games were played earlier with vital outcomes for the relegation zone Clubs. Here is a brief summary of todays Liga action with all the results & scorers.

Spanish League
Baptista back for Malaga

MALAGA FC are playing for their Spanish 1º Division life & managed an important 3 - 0 victory over MALLORCA to grab the three points & breathe as they get out of the danger zone for now. A big part of the Malaga achievement today came thanks to JULIO BAPTISTA who returned from injury to score two goals (40th & 56th min) which was added with another goal by team-mate SEBA earlier in the 26th min.

Vital victory for Malaga!

Spanish League
Miku scored for Getafe

GETAFE are also looking at the 2º Division abyss & managed a hard fought  & brave 1 - 0 victory over SEVILLA FC,  who are getting behind with the Euro positions train. It was MIKU who gave Getafe their only goal in the 75th min , the victory & three important points that should give the Club strenght in coming matches. Sevilla will be travelling back home disappointed with todays result.

Soldado on fire against Almeria

ALMERIA lost 0 - 3 to VALENCIA CF & saw how their attempts to get out of the last place of the Spanish League ladder look even more difficult, & that spending next year in 2º Division is more closer than ever. 

Valencia are on a roll & deserved their victory with in form striker ROBERTO SOLDADO scoring first in the 50th min. Then defender STANKEVICIUS scored Valencia´s second goal in the 66th min, followed by a third by JORDI ALBA in the 80th min.

Albiol penalty on Villa & Red Card

Huge match, very intense & this time around more even as REAL MADRID drew 1 - 1 with 10 men against FC BARCELONA in "El Clasico". Real Madrid went in with 3 defensive midfielders which managed to choke the Barça play making machine even though, as usual, Barça had up to 70% ball possession. The Real Madrid strategy was to counter-attack & they did find chances  that did not materialize. The only thing missing for Real Madrid was a more creative player like Ozil who didn´t play because Mourinho betted on Pepe as the extra midfielder. Said this, PEPE was absolutely brilliant tonight with his play, defending & attitude.

The second half saw the same set up & Cristiano Ronaldo hit the post from a free kick, but Barça is Barça & in a counter-attack Real defender Raul Albiol fouled Villa & the referee called penalty & red card. With Real Madrid down to 10 men LIONEL MESSI converted to score in the 52nd min.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores penalty

Then Mourinho forgot about play making for his team & put on Adebayor to set up a typically "English style" game plan with Ozil as a more creative player. The latter was fundamental in the uplifting comeback as Real Madrid played better with 10 men & put Barça against the ropes. Chances occured & Real missed them all until Ozil made some magic out of nothing to find Marcelo who was fouled in the box by Alves & Real was awarded a penalty. CRISTIANO RONALDO stepped up & "finally" scored against Barcelona & more importantly equalized the match in the 82nd min.

Madrid could have won it at the end , but again missed their chances. 

FC Barcelona virtually has the Spanish League title in the bag for this season, but Barcelona did not look as sharp & confident as previous encounters, plus on top they lost Puyol tonight to injury. Barcelona played worst with the man extra advantage & this may set in doubts as the "unbeatable" aura of Barça has disappeared. The Spanish Cup Final will be THE GAME of the season & the two Champions League semi-final matches are closer than ever with Madrid having a real chance at taking them through passing Barça & into the Champions League Final. Barcelona has more to think about this time around as Real Madrid put some "guts" into it tonight  & even some great Football to allow them to contemplate seriously winning Barcelona in the coming games.

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