The news coming out of REAL MADRID is that Brazilian midfielder & ex Golden Ball KAKA is going through his most difficult time at the Spanish Football Club. The 29 year old has been relegated to a secondary position spending more time on the bench than on the playing field after recovering from his serious knee injury.

According to media sources, KAKA has expressed to Real Madrid President Florentino Perez that he is fed up with is non participation & the little "attention" that Coach Mourinho has paid to him in the last few weeks. 

Mourinho substitutes Kaka : photo courtesy
of Susana Vera:Reuters

It must be difficult for a World Star that cost Real Madrid 65+ M€ in transfer fee to find himself out on the cold. The apparent "straw that broke the camels back" was his substitution against Deportivo with Mourinho shouting out to the player to "get off" & "quickly". Kaka took this as a public humiliation & was not pleased with Mourinho. Since then Kaka hasn´t counted & is morally devasted with no confidence & little training zeal to lift himself up again. His ambition of getting back into Champions League & against Lyon looks very far away at this point & we all know how vital the European (World) Football stage is for a player with his trajectory.

When Coach Mourinho named this weekends squad for the Spanish League match against Racing Kaka was not on the list, a "mysterious" injury had side-lined him for the next couple of weeks. Mourinho has commented that their is an "agreement" with Kaka that he will return when he is 100% fit.

What makes all the above interesting is :

1. Will this affect the dressing room? Kaka is a player with allies & there is already rumours that some "heavy weight" players are getting a bit sick & tired with the methods of Mourinho. The examples are his treatment of Pedro Leon ( disappeared long ago), the youngster Canales, Granero, Sergio Ramos...etc

2. Is this a clear sign that Kaka will be on the transfer market for next season?

Independently of the outcome, allow me to add my humble observations:
1. Kaka arrived to Real Madrid from AC Milan already injured. He knew it.

2. Kaka placed his participation with Barzil in last years World cup above his Club Real Madrid - this will always be denied, but circumstantial evidence does exist &local media has always hinted so. Just look at his poor 1st season performance at Madrid
3. The second point lead to his knee injury & thus Real Madrid was without his services for 4-5 months

But even if all of the 3 points are not true - perfectly possible - here are some facts:
1. Yes he has scored two goals in his comeback,  but nothing special to talk about & with "lesser" teams.

2. The player looks "overweight" from 4 months of being "laid out" & is very slow. Kaka cannot keep the rhythm of his team-mates & that is bad for the team, & lastly & perhaps the strongest argument,
3. German 21 year old International OZIL is playing at a marvellous level & his proving to be a great signing. He has earned his undisputed status.

Kaka maybe angry with Mourinho, Real Madrid & the World, but would anyone put on Kaka for Ozil at this moment?

Kaka has two clear choices, train harder physically & mentally to get back to his best - its a solitary job - look at Karim Benzema who has gone through it & got back better, or "cry"  & leave Real Madrid, an option not worthy of a player of Kaka´s proven class.

Let´s hope for the prestige of the Brazilian that he opts for the first & forgets about excuses.

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