SPANISH FOOTBALL & Round 16 Spanish League - La Liga action continued tonight with four intense games. Here is the habitual quick review of all four encounters with the results & the scorers.
Big game from Tiago tonight for Atletico

ATLETICO DE MADRID visited MALAGA & managed to get away with a 0 - 3 victory. A night of strategy & dead ball situtations which Atletico managed to exploit to the maximum. TIAGO put Atletico ahead in the 22nd min to settle nerves in the 1ºhalf. The 2º half saw the visitors get their second via DOMINGUEZ with a header from a set piece in the 66th min & TIAGO finished things off with a third & his second for the night in the 69th min. A victory to help settle further things at Atletico.

Osasuna - Real Zaragoza

& REAL ZARAGOZA played out a 0 - 0 draw with lots of chances & both goalies earning their money. Could have gone either way until both teams decided to take a point each & not risk.

Spanish Soccer Liga
Getafe comeback to win

hosted GETAFE & watched how the game slipped from a possible victory to a 2 - 3 loss. Getafe are getting into the habit of making unbelievable comebacks in the last few games that gives great value for money to spectators. Almeria dominated the first 25 min with two goals from ULCHE ( 7th min) & ULLOA ( 24th min) that put them in the driving seat. From here Getafe commenced their comeback with goals from MORAL in the 29th min, MIKU in the 48th min & the winner BOATENG in the 70th min.

Some questions being asked at Almeria.

Di.Maria.Real.Madrid-Spanish Soccer
Di Maria with the winner

A tense & "bad vibe" match with both sides coming in with a dark coloured aura around them. That sensation came to light all through the match with SEVILLA FC very defensive & REAL MADRID without rhythm & lacking someone to steer the team ( Xabi & Marcelo out with suspensions). The game deteriorated gradually as a string of referee mistakes charged the atmosphere with numerous yellow cards in the 1ºhalf that would have a negative result later.  Suffice to say that the first half finished with frustration in the air & a players tunnel scuffle between Real Madrid - Sevilla assistants. Very tense!

The 2º half started like the first, with Real Madrid unable to find a way to break the 5 man Sevilla defence & Benzema looking out of place which would lead to a latter substitution. Here we had some action of note: Sevilla forward Negredo missed a sitter, off-sides against Real that weren´t, penalty handball not called to Madrid & a second yellow to CARVALHO ( which was´nt) that left Real Madrid with 10 men in the 69th min.

Amazingly, Real Madrid played better & Di Maria claimed a penalty shortly after & received a yellow card. Things were heated & getting out of hand as the referee was losing control when DI MARIA dazzled Sevilla keeper Palop & scored in the 75th min. Here Mourinho brought out defender ALBIOL to put up a wall to contain things & seal the 3 points. The atmosphere was charged & Sevilla player DEBO decided to take revenge on Di Maria for an earlier incident & received a direct Red Card. For once everybody was hoping that the match finish as soon as possible as things were turning dark. Final result 1 - 0

As said, a strange & "dark" match with some "funny" body language from Real Madrid players - as well as Sevilla players who are going through a rough time with their problems - that suggest things aren´t so bright & shinny within the Clubs.

TOMMORROW - Monday night Round 16 match: Racing Santander vs Hercules FC

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