Firstly, congratulations to SEBASTIAN VETTEL for winning the Abu Dhabi F1 Gran Prix & in doing so becoming the F1 2010 WORLD CHAMPION. The German becomes the youngest driver in F1 History to do so. Secondly, congratultions to Spanish two time World Champion FERNANDO ALONSO who finished sub - Champion just 4 points behind Vettel. The work & the season done with Ferrari has been extraordinary & above all expectations as Alonso managed to get to where he finished via his talent & not by his car that has been below the levels that we are accustomed from Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel celebrates becoming 2010
F1 World Champion

In fact the better driver "overall" lost to the better car "overall". This & a bad strategic decision allowed Vettel to grab the World title when he did not even expect it before the start of todays race. The rival for Alonso was Webber & all of Ferrari´s plans were focused on staying ahead of the Australian , holding out & finishing 4th,  but no one took into account an accident by Schumacher that allowed in a "safety car" onto the track that changed things dramatically &  opened doors closed beforehand. 

Most started with soft rubbers with the idea of changing to hard in the 10th-15th lap. Webber was 5th behind Alonso (who Button overtook in the start & the Englishman decided not to stop at all) & with the safety car on the track Red Bull decided to pull in Webber & change to hard rubbers. Obviously Ferrari thought that they could not allow Webber to fly away & decided to follow the same idea. What happened is that Alonso found drivers -"obstacles" (others had decided too change as well) when he got back & a stubborn Petrov that did not allow him to pass & get back to the 4th position. In fact, Alonso was "trapped" until the end of the race behind Petrov.

The Red Bull team had sacrificed Webber, knowing Ferrari was thinking in him & not Vettel & played their cards that Vettel would escape & Alonso would be blocked below the 5th place that he needed to become World Champion. Ferrari should have not followed Webber, gone on further to secure places while others did rubber changes & then gone in to get back without "traffic" problems. Ferrari had fallen into the Red Bull trap - line, hook & sinker - as Ferrari had configurated Alonso´s car for a "defensive" strategy" & did not have the horse -power to overtake Petrov & win back places. The rest is now history.

Fernando Alonso - sub Champion F1 2010

The final F1 World Championship Table looks like this:
1. Sebastian Vettel (GER) – 256 pts
2. Fernando Alonso (ESP) – 252 pts
3. Mark Webber (AUS) – 242 pts
4. Lewis Hamilton (ENG) – 240 pts
5. Jenson Button (ENG) – 214 pts

Having written all of the above, merit cannot be taken away from the Red Bull whom were the far better team & deserved to win. Congratulations!

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