The long await match between the two big Spanish Clubs has concluded with a demolition job done by FC BARCELONA over REAL MADRID with an incredible 5 - 0 result that puts Barça to the top of the SPANISH LEAGUE classification table.  It was intense, rough & violent at times which mixed it with some sublime Football performed by the home side. 

Tonight we saw two philosophies of Football , two ways to interpret the game in its essence. The aesthetic, classical & romantic style of touch Football taken to its maximum level with speed against the more practical, means justifies the end & counter - attack method which was put on the shelf & made totally impotent & useless. 

FC Barcelona demonstrated that they are far ahead of any SPANISH FOOTBALL Club at this moment & possibly the "Best Team In The World" with the OK of the other Top Euro Clubs at this moment. For the Barcelona fan their team played like the Gods as they crushed their rival & gave "humble pie" to eat to Real Madrid Coach Mourinho who played "mind games" before the match & even months back. 

FC Barcelona players in ecstasy 

The goal scorers were XAVI ( 9th min), PEDRO (17th m), VILLA ( 55th m), VILLA ( 58th m) & JEFFREN ( 91st m)

Ronaldo pushes Guardiola away

There was a very tense moment mid way the 1ºst half when Guardiola throw the ball away from Cristiano Ronaldo ( to provoke) when he went to to take it to make a throw-in. Ronaldo reacted angrily & pushed Guardiola away which caused the immediate reaction of the Barcelona players with Goalkeeper Valdes running in to physically warn off Ronaldo. It was an all in situation which caused pushing & shoving & yellow cards to Valdes & Ronaldo.

All in situation - Ronaldo & Valdes

This very tense moment seemed to lift Real Madrid already 2-0 down & they began playing their best Football. To such an extent that a clear penalty on Ronaldo by Valdes was not called. If it had been given Real Madrid may have scored & changed the course of the game. But this is pure speculation & no one here can tell the future. But it wouldn´t have made much difference even if Real Madrid fans are certain that it would have changed things

Xavi scores first goal

Real Madrid started the second half with Lass Diarra on for Ozil to secure the midfield as Xavi & Iniesta were on a riot, but it did little. FC Barcelona took TOTAL control of the ball in the 2ºhalf & danced Real Madrid to their tune; it was humiliating to watch from outside Barcelona. Even myself , an Atletico de Madrid follower,  was embarrassed to watch & that is telling you something important. 

Pedro got in the act from a Villa pass

DAVID VILLA showed the World who he really is & why he is concerned one of the Best Strikers on the Planet. He must have reminded Real Madrid President Florentino Perez that he should have made a bigger offer to Valencia two seasons ago instead of Karim Benzema who was invisible tonight. 

Villa scored twice

The game finished with a humiliating 5th goal from youngster Jeffren who had just came on from a Bojan pass to "kill of" the wounded Real Madrid team.

The end of the game finished very ugly with Real Madrid player SERGIO RAMOS losing his head after a violent tackle on Lionel Messi, that saw him react by pushing to the ground Spanish National squad Team-mate Puyol & then taking his frustration out on Xavi & Pique as he walked off after his Red Card. Gerard Pique reacted putting up his hand to show 5 fingers ( 5 goals ) to the crowd, a gesture that could have been also saved.

Various lesson & observations from my part to finish off with:

1. FC Barcelona are "light years" ahead of Real Madrid

2. FC Barcelona style of Football is rapid, effective & extremely deadly. A message to all the opponents who will meet them this season. They are now more than favourites.
3. Real Madrid leave Camp Nou humiliated, almost "mortally" wounded & psychologically affected so much so that this could lead to a downward negative "spiral" if not treated urgently.
4. Karim Benzema is a "lost case" & will suffer. The fact is that the young man is not up to the level required to played at Real Madrid,  & given his World stage "golden opportunity" he failed disappointingly tonight to now see his future at the Club in danger.
5. Cristiano Ronaldo tried but it is obvious that he has a character "issue" that needs to be solve as the opposition look to find this weakness & exploit it.
6. The FIFA Golden Ball Winner 2010 must be either Iniesta or Xavi.
7. The younger Real Madrid players "without Clasico" experience - Di Maria & Ozil - choked.
A big learning lesson for them both.

8. Jose Mourinho was put in his place tonight by Guardiola. That is , second place & the "magical aura" of Mourinho has disappeared tonight like smoke. I wonder when the "Special One" will be "Special" again.

& lastly 9. FC Barcelona has more than 50% of the Spanish League title in its pocket. 

I am sure Real Madrid will recover & may win their revenge back in Madrid latter in the season, plus even win a title this season. But tonight they leave Camp Nou wounded & psychologically devastated. They were ravished by a Lion & almost "slaughtered" for this 2010-2011 season. They will no doubt be licking their wound for weeks & even months.

Next Saturday they play Valencia CF at home, let see what happens here!


juZer said...

I am so gutted. We did not deserve to lose like this! I could have swallowed a 1-0 or 2-0 defeat but 5-0!!!! As a long life Madrid fan, I am deeply wounded.

We just lost the title yesterday at the Camp Nou!

STRIKER said...

Have hope. The liga season is long & there is the Madrid return clasico in April 2011

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