It is that time of the year when 208 National Team selectors, 208 National Team Captains & 208 World journalists send in their votes for whom they consider deserves to win the 2010 FIFA Golden Ball. As you may already know, France Football with its Golden Ball Award has joined FIFA with its World Player Award to hand in one single trophy.

Those in the “know” - specialist media journalists - comment that there are three clear favourites from which to choose from:

Andres Iniesta – Spanish International & FC Barcelona player
Wesley Sneijder – Dutch International & Inter Milan player
Diego Forlan – Uruguayan International & Atletico de Madrid player

The upcoming European SuperCup could be vital in the case of Sneijder & Forlan, while for Iniesta the upcoming Spanish Team International matches & Champions League qualifying round performances (along with Liga) will be important.

In my humble opinion, if theses three names are in fact the true candidates, I believe ANDRES INIESTA deserves the recognition & the FIFA Golden Ball 2010. However modern Football is more than just acknowledging talent, it’s a business that sells image & magazine covers as well & Iniesta may not be so “media friendly” as Diego Forlan, for example. What is assured is that the Public Relations & Marketing machine of each player will determine who will take the prize. I hope I am wrong & he who wins is judged solely on talent, if not, this prize will lose a bit of gloss , shine & credibility, at least to my eyes.

Good luck to all three. My vote goes to Andres Iniesta. Where does your vote go?


VarunM said...

Isn't this announced at the end of the year?

And messi scored 47 goals in the season which this award will be covering, how isn't he included?
Just 'coz he didn't reach the semis?, finals? at the WC?
Who are these specialist media journalist?, otherwise known as tabloid grease

juzer said...

Wesley Sneijder all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

what a joke, 47 goals 49 games , 34 in 35 league games the one and only messi. got be blind to say anything else. if you realy want a spanish player as they won the world cup it should be xavi. and this is a barca fan speaking. inesta injured during crucial times of the season and is a great player but not played enough matches to be considered seriousley this year.

STRIKER said...

Valid comments all, I suspect that human nature & its short term memory plays a part in all this speculation, apart from the WC performances which has a heavy weight & is the World showcase.

Said this its still all speculation, & given the 3 mentioned candidates - if they are indeed correct - I still choose Iniesta over Sneijder & Forlan.

benduti said...

Forlan! no doubt

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