The DAVID VILLA transfer saga takes another twist with the digital
edition of “
Marca announcing that FC BARCELONA has come out
of the shadows officially & made a 43M€ offer to VALENCIA CF.
The "breakdown" of negotiations with Real Madrid & the apparent
desire by Valencia CF to sell to any one except Real Madrid has
given Barça the stimulus to “go for it”, as they - Barcelona - claim
against all other stories that the player desires & wishes to play at
“Camp Barça” & not at Madrid.

(photo: reuters/marca.com)

However there are numerous variables & unknows at play:

1. No one knows exactly where Villa wishes to play, if at Real
Madrid or FC Barcelona.The rumours have always been Real Madrid,
but in the last days FC Barcelona has gained strength.
2.No one really believes that Real Madrid have pulled out of the
negotiations & they maybe keeping its cards up its sleeve. SFS
believes Real Madrid is still in there talking with Valencia CF in
a very "low key manner"
3.FC Barcelona hasn’t the money & will need to sell Samuel Eto´o
to get the cash & more importantly make a place available in the
line –up team. What if Eto´o decides to stay?
4.What is clear is that David Villa WILL NOT be leaving Spain; he
just said & confirmed this to Spanish TV “Cuarto”.
5.Everyone – including SFS – will have to wait for Villa’s return
from South Africa & see the outcome of his conversations with
Valencia CF to determine what decision he takes.
6. It is obvious that the player will have to make the move - force
the situation & rebel - with a decision if he has one. He will have to
go public & express to everyone his true desires.

Until then, everything written & said is pure speculation. What is
certain is that David Villa will be playing in one of these Clubs next
season: Valencia CF, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona.

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