SFS wishes to announce a NEW section that will appear every 15 Dias.
Titled “El Mundano Deportivo”, it is an honour & a pleasure to count
on the collaboration of a fellow blogger & friend, Adrian Vogel, to enrich
& take SFS to another level. Adrian will share his wealth of Football
(Soccer) knowledge & experience to give SFS readers an “alternative”
view & the behind the scenes reasons to the stories that are shaking
Spanish Football.

Below, Adrian introduces himself with his Curriculum & gives us some
links for investigation. The photo is evidence of the SFS summit where the
“transfer signing” took place over good food & wine under the watchful

eyes of fellow Football connoisseur JORGE as witness.

Adrian will give us his 1ºst “El Mundano Deportivo” post this upcoming
Sunday/Monday were he will give his reasons why LIVERPOOL coach
RAFAEL BENITEZ is taking so long to resign his contract, all from this
side of the fence ( & country) optic.

Please join me in welcoming Adrian to SFS, it will be obligatory reading
for the Global Spanish Football Fan.


El Mundano Deportivo – by ADRIAN VOGEL

Striker is an extremely persuasive blogger. And since I appreciate people
with principles like him, I was honoured to accept his irresistible offer: start
a bi monthly collaboration with SFS to be named “El Mundano Deportivo
El Mundano is my blog). It’s obvious to say that the financial conditions
smoothed all edges (I’m kidding & he didn’t buy lunch either).

We shared a magnificent “cocido” (typical Madrid Cuisine)with our
common friend Jorge. Which is the best lead for this personal note about
me and my football knowledge: in a not too distant galaxy in the past
century we shared a “quiniela” pool. “Quiniela” is the Spanish official
football bet and for years was the only legal one. You are supposed to
guess the result of 14 games choosing between three choices: 1 for the
home team’s victory, X for a draw and 2 if you decide that the visiting
club is the winner. The three of us worked at Polydor (I was the Managing
Director and both of them joined from other labels due to the efficient
diligence of JLR, my appointed Marketing Director).

(left to right: Adrian Vogel, Striker & Jorge - signing the "deal")

I’ve always believed that you have to “put your money where your mouth
is”. Therefore that weekly “quiniela” is a living proof of my soccer pedigree.
Plus the game flows through my blood. My DNA is 100% football. My
father was a coach (winner with Romania of the first under 21 euro
championship). He and my godfather –Stefan Kovacs- coached the team
that shared the title with Italy, the home team, and the USSR, in the only
tournament in UEFA’s history that saw more than one winner!

Our arrival to Spain was blessed by other easterners that arrived before
like Daucik, Kubala, Kocsis, Csibor and Puskas. The great “Pancho”
Puskas was key for our full integration in Madrid and at Real Madrid
(where my father served in various “unofficial” positions). Subsequently
we linked family ties with Di Stéfano and Santamaría.

You can find more information (and pictures) in the following two blog
entries in ref. to Alfredo Di Stefano’s world tribute:

Finde en Valdebebas 3: El día de La Saeta

El día de San Di Stéfano

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