Months back SFS denounced the terrible behaviour of Scottish Football
fans in Barcelona while following Rangers, now SFS denounces the poor
taste & terrible behaviour of Spanish fans this weekend at the Formula 1
circuit while Englishman Lewis Hamiliton was training with his team.

What´s wrong with all these morons, these Spaniards may not like the
comments & childish behaviour of Lewis Hamilton, but that does not
justify the need to shout or display racist comments. What the hell has all
this got to do with sport? It only shows an underlining lack of intelligence
& a horrible hate that gets mixed up with nationalist sentiment that ruins
the local image of Barcelona & of Spain.

The only arena were “dog-fights” take place are on the circuit where
the spectators only right is to witness the “battle” between these motor
gladiators & experience the joy of the sport. This unconditional love
for Fernando Alonso from the part of these delirious Spanish fans, is
not reciprocal, Alonso will not go & visit you if you’re sick in your bed
to tuck you in. In fact, he does not give a damn really as his objectives
& interest is to race, attempt to win, gain titles & maximize his income
to retire young. So why did these Spanish fans excite themselves
into this type of frenzy of false delusion in supporting their idol in such an
embarrassing manner? Perhaps their life is empty & lacking any real

Lewis Hamilton & his team don’t help put out the fire with statements
that are out of order & against Alonso, the FIA do not assist with threats
after they have signed a multi million deal for this season to give Spain
a 3┬║rd race in Valencia (they must be kidding!), the English authorities
add wood to the fire waving the flag as if this is the 19th century & the
British press race in with …” is this a personal fight or can anyone join
in”. A bit of common sense from all please. The Spanish authorities have
withdrawn the images, restricted the entry of these mindless fans & have
said in public that it is not appropriate behaviour from this minority &
will no longer permit it again. It is agreed by all that they are scum.

To end, just a few words to calm the waters, racism is unfortunately a
human mental disease that is everywhere & that includes England as well
as Spain. The actions of a minority however disgustingly “colourful” &
news worthy as it maybe, does not represent the vast majority of the
“normal” Spanish folk who enjoy the sport. It may be in the interest
of all, that Fernando Alonso come out & say in public that he is against
this type of behaviour & does not wish to be supported in this way, &
that the only battle, if you can say it that way, will be on the circuit &
this is not personal but purely professional

Lets hope Alonso does, but it does not look like for now, which is in itself
also sad.


Ahmed Bilal said...


Just a note to tell you that your blog was nominated for 'Best La Liga Blog' ( ) at the Soccerlens 2007 Awards ( ).

I hope you'll blog about it to get your readers to vote for you. Best of luck in the awards.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I feel so honoured. I would prefer others to NATURALLY vote, & in such a high class of blogs to choose from I´m sure they will do better.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I have had a rude awakening in last few years as I have gotten into European soccer. I always had presumed cosmopolitan Europe was way ahead of the States when it came to having seen/read of monky chants, banana throwings, fans waving Confederate flags (at World Cup no less!!)and events like this latest have completely reversed my presumptions. I think we're (US) sevaral decades ahead! I can't even imagine winessing anything like this at a sporting event in US...not in my lifeime anyway.

Congrats Striker on got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Hi Icemel, thanks for the vote.

True words, sad is´nt it all.

Hope to see you back soon with your comments, SFS thanks you & welcome to the SFS family

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