EURO 2020 Group qualifiers continued tonight with SPAIN travelling to SWEDEN. The Spanish National Football team needed a draw tonight to get the sufficient points to automatically get their ticket to the Euro Championships. Here is a short summary with goalscorers & the final result.

Sweden - Spain

The above image shows the starting SPAIN XI team, with Carvajal, De Gea, Thiago, Gerard, Iñigo Martinez & Rodri getting a run. Sergio Ramos was out suspended after receiving a yellow card in Norway, his 5th.

Sweden - Spain

The great start of Spain, which was able to get quickly three very clear occasions (especially a hand to hand with Thiago) which gradually gave way to the reaction of Sweden. The local team had a very clear idea; defend, use the counter-attack & their superior physical strenght. The Swedes got stronger & Spanish goalie David De Gea had to make a fabulous save from a Quaison header to avoid the 1 - 0 in the 32nd min. Later on Spanish defender Iñigo Martinez also had to intervene to avoid a Swede goal.

Sweden - Spain

The second half started with Sweden getting ahead 1 - 0 in the 49th min through BERG after De Gea made two saves. Things get complicated for Spain which was looking for the equalizer & at the same time creating spaces for Sweden. The local side created many goal opportunities, of which one of those De Gea was injured & was replaced by Kepa. The clock kept ticking & the nerves set into the Spanish Game, which made Spanish Coach Moreno put on Rodrigo Moreno & Jesus Navas to be more vertical. It paid off.

In the 92nd min a Spanish corner found Fabian who crossed hard into the square to find the tap on of forward RODRIGO who equalized. Spain saved at the last moment with a final disappointed Sweden team which had fought hard & played well all game. 

The result qualified Spain automatically for the upcoming EURO 2020 Championships.


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