Thought I post this news piece from the last report on Football Club Earnings for 2017/2018, otherwise better known as the "Deloitte Football Money League" in which the Global Consultancy profiles the highest revenue generating Clubs in World Football (Soccer).
This 22nd edition of the Deloitte Football Money League shows the generating record revenue of €750.9M by Spanish Football Club REAL MADRID CF which returns to the 1ºst place after 3 years. The 2ºnd placed is another Spanish Football Club FC BARCELONA with generated revenue of €690.4M. English Football Club Manchester United, previously in the Nº1 spot with €676.3M drops to 3ºrd place with €666M.

Below is the Top 20 list (Revenues from Stadium tickets, competitions, TV rights, publicity, merchandising...etc)

World Soccer Top Money Earners

Deloitte Football Money League: the top 20 in 2017/18
Ranking and income from the previous year in brackets.

1.[2] Real Madrid €750.9m [€674.6m]
2.[3] FC Barcelona €690.4m [€648.3m]
3.[1] Manchester United €666m [€676.3m]
4.[4] Bayern Munich €629.2m [€587.8m]
5.[5] Manchester City €568.4m [€527.7m]
6.[7] Paris Saint-Germain €541.7m [€486.2m]
7.[9] Liverpool €513.7m [€424.2m]
8.[8] Chelsea €505.7m [€428m]
9.[6] Arsenal €439.2m [€487.6m]
10.[11] Tottenham Hotspur €428.3m [€359.5m]
[10] Juventus €394.9m [€405.7m]
[12] Borussia Dortmund €317.2m [€332.6m]
[13] Atletico de Madrid €304.4m [€272.5m]
[15] FC Internazionale Milano €280.8m [€262.1m]
[new] AS Roma €250m
[16] Schalke 04 €243.8m [€230.2m]
[20] Everton €212.9m [€199.2m]
[new] AC Milan €207.7m
[new] Newcastle United €201.5m
[17] West Ham United €197.9m [€213.3m]

Top World Football Club Earnings

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