UEFA Champions League continued tonight with the remaining Group games scheduled which included Real Madrid & Valencia CF in their respective clashes. Here is a brief summary of events, goalscorers & final results.

Real Madrid vs CSKA Moscow

REAL MADRID hosted CSKA MOSCOW with Top spot of the Group assured & playing for prestige & image. While The Russians came into the match looking for a must get victory to assure a chance to get the third place (if Viktoria Plzen did not win their match against AC Roma) to secure their pass to the Europa League.

Real Madrid put in a "B-side" line-up to rest some players & give the less used during the season a chance to show themselves. The starting 11 is illustrated in the above image. 

Real Madrid CF

The first half was a summary of the Real Madrid season, match control, multiple goal occasions but losing by 2 goals at the end of the 45 mins. Strange as it sounds CSKA Moscow were super effective with their limited opportunities to score through CHALOV in the 37th min & SCHENNIKOV in the 43rd min. Real Madrid hit the post with an Asensio chance & Vinicius was on fire but some poor concentration & bad defending put all the hard work go down the "drain". 

Real Madrid - CSKA Moscow

The 2º half was a chance for Real Madrid to lift & show some character but again not effective in the goal scoring department. Real Madrid put onto the field Kroos to move the ball around & Gareth Bale up forward, but no positive result. Once again a limited Russian goal opportunity was converted into a 3rd goal by SIGURDSSON in the 73rd min. 

In conclusion, effective game plan by CSKA Moscow but unfortunate in destiny for in the other match Viktoria Plzen won 2 - 1 AC Roma thus leaving the Russian Club without European competitions the rest of this season. For Real Madrid a severe whistling off by home fans, some serious doubts with the attitude some big names & some concern that with the upcoming FIFA World Champions Club finals in Abu Dhabi Real Madrid will be vulnerable, especially to a more confident River Plate team who has just won the Libertadores Cup.


Champions League

VALENCIA CF hosted MANCHESTER UNITED with the latter having secured the 2º spot of the Group (but with a chance of Top spot if they win & Juventus lose) & Valencia the 3º place for Europa League. For both the match had image, reputation & prestige factors up for grabs along with giving some players time on the European Football stage. The Valencia CF starting 11 line up is as it appears in the above image. 

Valencia CF

Good 1ºst half by Valencia CF which played good Football & dominated during substantial periods Manchester United. Their efforts & intensity was rewarded early with a 17th min goal by CARLOS SOLER. Manchester had their moments as well with the closet chance a Pogba goal opportunity that nearly gave Man Utd the equalizer.

Valencia CF vs Man Utd

Valencia CF got of to a flying start in the 2ºnd half with an own goal by Manchester United player JONES in the 48th min. While Valencia at this point were comfortable, that English Club began grinding back into the match & creating goal scoring opportunities. Man Utd was reward in the 87th min when RASHFORD scored. From here with 5 - 7 mins left, Manchester United went all out to find the equalizer, they nearly achieved it.


Conclusion, Valencia CF through to the Europa League, while Manchester United finishes second in the Group.

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