FC BARCELONA has defeated 3 - 0 CHELSEA FC taking the tie 4-1 on aggregate & goes into the Quarter-final phase of the UEFA Champions League joining fellow Spanish Clubs Real Madrid & Sevilla FC. 

FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC

The victory was earned & deserved by Barça with Chelsea FC not being able to culminate their hard worked & elaborated opportunities. In fact, Chelsea FC was not at the level expected & needed at this stage of the competition. The English team were shook very early by two goals, MESSI in the 3rd min & DEMBELE in the 20th min, but managed to work themselves but in the midfield to create opportunities that were never converted in the crucial moments. 

Champions League

They English needed to score 2 goals to take the tie & went into the second half focused. Earlier they hit the post from a Marcos Alonso free-lick, claimed a penalty on a foul committed on Alonso in the 51st min (not a penalty) & the same player had clear goal shots stopped by Barça defenders on trajectory on two ocassions. Chelsea FC forward Willian was perhaps their best player & his speedy attacks & creations were either not understood by fellow team-mates or neutralized by Barça players.

In the 63rd min MESSI scored his second (100th in Champions League) & third for Barça too shut the door firmly on Chelsea FC. The English Coach Conte gave Morata, Zappacosta & Pedro a run to attempt at least a consolation goal, but the wind was pushed out of their sails previously with the 3rd goal by Barça. 

Too much class & experience on FC Barcelona´s side as another English Club gets eliminated from the competition.

Next Friday UEFA will celebrated the Quarter-Finals team match-ups ay Nyon. Looking forward to see how that turns out.

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