Another "critical" moment for Real Madrid CF. The elimination last night by Leganes in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) has set all the alarms on again & brought on a tsunami of harsh criticism.

Real Madrid is currently 19 points from Liga leader FC Barcelona, & the Spanish Championship looks (is) unreachable, but worst the Club is currently out of Champions League table positions. As midfielder Toni Kroos commented, the Clubs current objetive is to secure a position in the Top 4 of the Liga ladder. Something unheard off back 4 months ago when Real Madrid won UEFA Super Cup & Spanish Super Cup.

With this reality, it was obvious that the two remaining titles of the season, the Spanish Cup & Champions League were to become TOP PRIORITY. However, no one - fans nor Football experts - understood yesterday why Coach Zidane decided to go into the important Spanish Cup match against Leganes yesterday withOUT Marcelo, Kroos, Casemiro, Bale & Cristiano Ronaldo. The decision to start with the "B-team" : Theo, Achraf, Llorente, Mayoral...& the "neutral"  performances from Isco, Asensio, Ramos... contributed that Real Madrid lose 1 - 2 & Leganes advance into the semi finales of the Spanish Cup. 

Spanish Cup B-TEAM vs Leganes

The wave of criticism is intense, no one at the Club has escaped:

  • unexplained mistakes by Coach Zidane in line-up, tactics...
  • lack of physical effort 
  • lack of goal upfront
  • substitutes ( most of b-team against Leganes ) not up to the level needed
  • the decision of NOT signing top World Class players in this Winter market. Remember Zidane commented he did not wish signings that this current squad was perfect 
  • the apparent poor team design for season 2017-2018. Now everyone is remembering Morata & James Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo months back commented that this years squad was "less" than the pass & was nearly "crucified".
...the list of criticisms can be extended, as most fans have emotions overflowing & cannot find answers to their witnessed reality. 

The only lifeguard to cling to now for Real Madrid is Champions League. The Spanish Club must now attempt to eliminate Paris St Germain in February, an enormous & very difficult task seeing how the team is performing. However, if the Spanish team does manage to advance pass PSG the road towards the final will have another 2 European Clubs  which will make things more difficult.

So what is ahead? Depends on the results, if Real Madrid can regain their lost Football & Champions League progression. At this moment ( things can change of course) it looks like the following:
  • when the correct moment arrives, Zidane will leave the Club. There is talk PSG has contacted with Zidane
  • Real Madrid will attempt the signing of Neymar & Cristiano Ronaldo will leave. First assure the Brazilian before giving the exit papers to CR7
  • Spanish International David De Gea will be a goalkeeping target
  • Karim Benzema will be sold off for a forward that can score goals
  • Some will be on the fine line: Isco may be changed for Hazard ( my speculation)
As you can see another renewal plan-revolution in the horizontal. What will determine things definitely will be as always, the results. Stay tuned.

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