It looks like the long & boring “Neymar case” is coming to its end. The Brazilian & still FC Barcelona forward visited his team-mates this morning & announced that he was going to Paris St Germain. There in the Clubs dressing rooms this morning Neymar personally dismissed himself from Messi, Suarez, Iniesta & Coach Valverde, this last giving him permission to leave his scheduled training duties.

From here Neymar went to the Clubs offices & announced to Directives his intention to leave FC Barcelona, to later board a private plane to Portugal to get away from media & plan the next steps.

FC Barcelona has expressed to the player that 222 Million Euros will be needed to breaking his current contract. A massive new record in Football transfer history smashing last years 117M€ transfer for Pogba from Juventus FC to Manchester United

Neymar to Paris St Germain

But is Neymar really worth 222M€? It has been written here previously that Neymar is the Worlds most over valued Football Player, definitely not worth the 222M€. The player has 25 years of age & has won some important titles with FC Barcelona (1 Champions, 2 Spanish Ligas…) but has not done anything truly outstanding, except the occasional skilful party trick, which is not exclusive to the Brazilian. So why will Paris St Germain pay 222M€? Difficult to rationally explain or understand, but value in the market place is heavily dominated by perceptions. What does PSG gain?
  •  A good player & goalscorer needed in their squad to better their Champions League campaigns which fall short season after season,
  • Promises made to keep current players at PSG. Italian Verratti expressed that he would continue at PSG only if the Club invested heavily in Top players,
  • Prestige. PSG will have an asset to “brag” about  Internationally & this will attract World class sponsorship deals,
  • Marketing: merchandising sales & International trips will double-triple in value,
  • Bigger fanbase in France & through the World where TV rights can be further exploited.
But do these points justify 222M€, no. The only justification is that someone is willing to pay & another willing to accept. It is a purely market given explanation.

The other question is why has Neymar left FC Barcelona?

  • The long shadow of Lionel Messi. Neymar cannot progress with the Argentine taking the spotlight. It is said that Neymar has gotten tired of repeating that Messi is the best in the World. Plus on the field, everyone plays for Messi, & the Brazilian feels limited & held back.
  • A 30M€ per year salary is also a mayor reason. Neymar will be on the same level as Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo on the economic level
  • The continued Court appearances over tax evasion in Spanish Courts do not help & moving to France will clear this front
  • An average relationship with Spanish media & Spanish football players.
  • There is a belief that FC Barcelona will begin its decline from European & Spanish Football dominance as key players get older, including Messi 
The deal has a second phase to go through as 222M€ still needs to be deposited in the Spanish Football League headquarters in coming days, plus FC Barcelona is threatening to take things to UEFA & FIFA over “fair financial” issues.

Be what may, farewell to Neymar from Spanish Football, the Worlds most overrated & now over valued Footballer.  

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