The two remaining Spanish Football Teams with Champions League Group games were in action tonight with the following final results and goalscorers.

Goal Champions League

Real Madrid hosted Germans Borussia Dortmund and finished their game in a 2 - 2 draw. Top Group spot goes to Dortmund which managed to come from behind to equalize the encounter. News for Madrid was the start of James Rodriguez, who later showed some good Football & a pass that was converted into goal.

Real Madrid had a great first 30 mins & then never again controlled fully the match to seal the encounter and give the Germans the final knock out. Borussia grew in confidence & created numerous chances including a free-kick that Navas miraculously saved.

While Real Madrid was up 2 - 0 by the 53rd min:

  • Benzema 28th min
  • Benzema 53rd min
Dortmund began its comeback with goals from
  • Aubameyang 60th min
  • Reus 83rd min.
Real Madrid had their own goal opportunities as well before the final whistle, notably Cristiano Ronaldo hitting the post, but failed overall to finish the final pass into goal and paid for not doing so. Names to mention of Real Madrid are Benzema with his goals, Carvajal and Rafael Varane.

Bitter-sweet finish for Real Madrid which perhaps expected more but have themselves to blame, while the Germans put in a grand performance & deserved their result. 

Champions League

Sevilla FC travelled to Lyon needing a draw to stay in Champions League. The final result 0 - 0 draw achieved the objective although Lyon put in a better game. Gritty stuff from the Spaniards which had flashes of brilliance, including claiming a penalty on Vitolo not called.

Lyon however put forward the Football & deserved a better result, but they are the Team that leaves Champions League behind.

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