UEFA Champions League night with two Spanish Football Clubs in action. Here are the final scorers & goalscorers from the respective games.

Champions League

FC Barcelona travelled to Manchester City to attempt a win & secure their presence in the next phase of Champions League. Manchester City on the other hand needed a victory if they were to have any chance of advancing. The English Club along with their Coach Guardiola have been severely criticised after losing 4 - 0 at Barcelona, thus City was the underdog tonight.

The final result was a 3 - 1 win to Manchester City which basically turned the match around to their favour after getting behind. It was their fighting spirit that pulled them through lead by a determined Kun Aguero. The English team was precisely this, a team, & in block managed to force Barça into numerous mistakes that allowed them to score their goals. 

FC Barcelona started well, very well, as it seemed they would run away with the match. Their first goal was a classic counter-attack that was "mortal", with Neymar finding Messi to open the scoring in the 21st min. That was it for Barça, except for a Andres Gomes ball that hit the bar in the 2º half.

Manchester City slowly grided back to eventual take over the game with grit & courage. German Gundogan equalized in the 39th min, while De Bruyne put Man City ahead in the 52 nd min with a brilliant free kick.

After half a dozen missed goal opportunities City got their third goal when just on Navas passed to hit Aguero to see Gundogan scored the rebound ball in the 73rd min. There may have been hand-ball by Aguero, but fate may have equalled things because of the penalty NOT called to Sterling early in the 1ºst half.

Shot in the arm for Manchester City as this results keeps Group qualification still open. 

At Madrid

Tough night at Russia for Atletico de Madrid which won in the last moment Rostok 1 - 2. The victory assured the Spanish Football Club its place in the next phase of Champions League. The man of the match for Atletico was Antoine Griezmann who scored first in the 28th min & got the winner in the 91st min.

Rostok managed to equalize in the 30th min through Azmoun in the 30th min & later gave Atletico goalkeeper Oblak work with important match saves. The Russians were aggressive, determined & ultra defensive & could have won the game.

However, the talent & class of the Spanish team lead by Griezmann managed to secure the victory.

Tomorrow more Champions League matches with Real Madrid & Sevilla FC in action.

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