UEFA Champions League games with two Spanish Football Clubs in action with Group duties. Here are all of the corresponding final results of the Spanish Clubs along with the goalscorers.

Spanish Football

German territory is traditionally not an easy destiny for Spanish Football Clubs in the way of results. Real Madrid has always found it stiff in their visit with tonight being no different. The final result Borussia Dortmund 2 - Real Madrid 2, a just result with the Germans being very awkward & solid.

Real Madrid has some important players out of form. Karim Benzema should have not played at all - terrible - with Morata a better option. Although Cristiano Ronaldo scored he is below his usual best & was so & so. Sergio Ramos has to do more work as he made some elementary mistakes tonight which are unacceptable. 
Best players for Real Madrid was goalkeeper Keylor Navas, even if the first Dortmund goal was his fault with a bad punch-out, along with Modric who was outstanding with Toni Kroos & defender/goalscorer Varane

For Borussia a good team effort, very quick & dangerous in their attacks. Castro was active, Dembele dangerous, Ambameyang had goal in his mind & substitute Schurrle drove in the late equalizer. The German will be happy with their effort & the result.

Real Madrid experience their 3rd draw result in a row. Disappointing from their perspective, too many mistakes from key players & some stars should not be playing at all with other more capable on the bench. Said this, how do you sit Ronaldo?


  • Cristiano Ronaldo 17th min, 0 - 1
  • Ambameyang 43rd min, 1 - 1
  • Varane 69th min, 1 - 2
  • Schurrle 86th min, 2 -2
Champions League

Sevilla FC turned on a great 2º half to win 1 - 0 French Club Olympique Lyon. Bad first half from Sevilla with their crowd booing them off. However, things changed in the 2º half.

Sevilla opener & winner came in the 52 min through Ben Yedder. Later Sevilla FC missed a penalty that Vietto flew over the bar. Lyon hit the post to add excitement & the end become a see-saw event.

Sevilla held out with true courage. Great result for them. 

Tomorrow Champions League continues with the remaining two other Spanish Football Clubs in action: Atletico de Madrid (Bayern Munich) & FC Barcelona ( B.Mglad).

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