Apparently Spanish Football Club Real Madrid & Inter Milan have been negotiating in secret. So much so, had it not been for Italian Sports paper "Gazzetta dello Sport" we here in Spain would not have known about 21 year old Mateo Kovacic.

Real Madrid candidate.

Real Madrid wishes to reinforce its midfield after Coach Benitez expressed internally his lack of confidence with currently players Illaramendi & Lucas. The chosen player to help out Modric, Kroos & Casemiro is Austrian born Croatian International midfielder Mateo Kovacic

The interest shown by English Club Liverpool has caused Real Madrid to "accelerate" negotiations in fear that Kovacic will escape to the Premier League. According to Italian sources the deal has been basically settled, with a transfer price between 35 - 40 M€, with the signature the only thing needed.

Kovacic is a "Modric type" midfielder but with much more goals & an extraordinary talent that Real Madrid think will keep on growing due to the players young age. Real Madrid feels that the two injury spans & absences experienced by Modric last season hurt the squad & their hopes for titles. This season they wish to have a player that can substitute any of their current midfielders with guarantees. Obviously if this deal does go through current midfielders Illaramendi & Lucas will be seriously sidelined & may have to consider being loaned out. 

Kovacic is currently in Athens with his squad against AEK but has not played. This is a clear sign that an announcement may appear between Clubs soon. Stay tuned.

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