With Real Madrid blank this season (barring a small Liga miracle) without any titles the question is, now what? The "enemies" of the Spanish Club have come out of the woodwork & from under the carpet to put their "two cents" worth into the debate. A debate that circles around the figure of current Coach Ancelotti, some players not up to the level & even Cristiano Ronaldo, yes everyone is getting a hit or a punch in the face.

The main agitators are the Spanish Sports press & media which sway public opinion & gives directions to the general "sheep population" spurred on by instincts & little rationale. Normal in some way as Football is a passion & refugee of lost personalities kept burning by economic interests that prefers it this way. However, enough of what you already know allow me to summarize some of the more recent comments, speculations & rumours coming out of the Real Madrid "Crystal Ball" sessions locally.

Real Madrid candidate.

First area of intense speculation is the Coaching future of the Club. Carlo Ancelotti wants to continue & the dressing along with its heavyweights has gone public to voice their desire that the Italian should continue. In fact Ancelotti has an advantage, the market has not anyone available with the perfil needed to steer the "huge monster ship" called Real Madrid. 

Said this, critics have voiced that it is the lax hand of Ancelotti with his players that has been the problem, along with bad management of players & the bench to dosify efforts during the long session. 

TV media & some local Football observers have said that Real Madrid is talking with German Coach Jurgen Klopp. In fact they go as far to say that Club reps have flown to Germany to personally talk with Klopp to negotiate terms. Thus this is the first big rumour to keep an eye on in coming weeks - months.

The other area of heated debate is the player's front. Fans & media are suggesting a "clean-up" with those not up to the level to be shown the door. Players like Coentrao, Arbeloa, Illaramendi, Silva (yes, why buy in first place) & Iker Casillas are under fire. 

With the exits, news arrivals are necessary & names are (have been) circling. The first most notable is Juventus FC midfielder Paul Pogba wanted by half of Europe including PSG, Chelsea FC & FC Barcelona. According to local Spanish media Real Madrid President Florentino Perez took advantage of the Juventus visit to Madrid last Wednesday to ask Pogba the magical question in person, do you wish to play next season in Real Madrid. The Frenchman said YES!, an essential prerequisite that President Perez insists before going all out to sign. If this is true, Paul Pogba would be the big name signing for next season.

Secondly, another name is PSG Italian midfielder Verratti again sounding loud. However, here it depends if his great sponsor Carlo Ancelotti finally continues. Thirdly, everything indicates that Real Madrid will call back their on-loan player at Porto Casemiro after a fabulous season were the Brazilian has evolved & matured. Fourthly, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is heavily speculated to be signed & to take over the place of Iker Casillas.

Lastly, the atmosphere is so "smokey" that even Cristiano Ronaldo has been questioned. Some observers think it could be the right moment to sell the Portuguese & fill the bank account. Many see the forward beginning to "lose" his speed as the years inevitably pass. Even here no one escapes scrutiny, not even a Club legend which Cristiano Ronaldo is already.

As you can read, big rumours, lots of speculation & "in the know" comments from every "Tom, Dick & Harry". Some could be true, lots are just bullshit. What I can say with certainty is that Real Madrid followers will again have an intense summer of headlines that should keep them ( all of us ) entertained under the Sun. 

Stay tuned, it's going to be a wild ride!


Richie said...

keep up the good work on your blogs. been following it since you started

Richie from Canada

STRIKER said...

Thanks mate, appreciate the words.

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