Real Madrid held the UEFA Champions League Final Ticket up until the 57th min when Juventus managed to equalize & change things in their favour to later eliminate Real Madrid in tonights 2º leg semi-final match. The final 1 - 1 result gave the Italian the semi-final tie with an overall 2 - 3 aggregate total putting them up next month against FC Barcelona in the Berlin Final.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid started with a clear objective, to score the needed goal to open up the Finals door onto Berlin. They attacked while Juventus worked to brake their advances, including a firm Buffon who was excellent tonight. 

However, the Real Madrid drive was rewarded when James Rodriguez was fouled in the square & the referee called it a penalty. Cristiano Ronaldo took the ball & scored in the 23rd min putting his team in the Final. Juventus was on the back foot & Real Madrid went looking for the second goal but failed to convert as Buffon & company held off their continual attacks.

Juventus FC

The 2º half started as the 1º half finished with Real Madrid looking to widened the scoreline, but Football destiny was to play an ironic hand that would change the course of events for the Spanish Club. In a looped ball into the square the mix-up & fumbles put the ball in front of ex-Real Madrid forward Alvaro Morata who controlled, shot & equalized for Juventus in the 57th min. Juventus were now in the final of Berlin, plus psychologically calmer because the home team needed 2 goals to qualify.

Real Madrid attempted to find the goal that could take them into extra-time. Chicharito came on for Benzema (recovered from injury) to give freshness up front but the Italians went into "defensive mode" to lock things up. Juventus are the masters in defending & were comfortable because they were also running out of "steam themselves". Real Madrid was losing on ideas,  on how to break through & the frustration set in. Goalkeeper Casillas even had to make a couple of saves to keep his team alive as the Italian still had some bit. In the end Juventus held out & eliminated Real Madrid returning to a Champions League final 12 years later.

It is obvious that congratulations are in order for the Italians & I wish them luck against Barça in the final. But from a Real Madrid point of view, there has to be some self criticism & analysis as to why the failure tonight & with the overall season (Liga & Spanish Cup) included. First in the firing line will be Coach Ancelotti & his management of players & substitutions. Secondly, the Club signing politics will be questioned as midfielders like Illaramendi & Lucas Silva have not played a role at all precisely when the "problems" were in the midfield. Coach Ancelotti preferred to put defender Ramos in the midfield & that experiment failed in Turin were Juventus won the 1 st leg match. Thirdly, Welshman Gareth Bale will be fried - perhaps unjustly - due to his poor performances in the last games, with tonight being not good at all. Some observers can't understand why Coach Ancelotti persists with Bale starting when perhaps another player could have been more productive. 

In any case, Spanish media will have their field day with Real Madrid with new & old cases being opened & debated. Will Coach Ancelotti continue next season? Will Casillas leave? Is it a good option now to sell Gareth Bale? Will Illaramendi be loaned-sold? Plus more shit will be hitting the fan...

Interesting days & weeks ahead for Real Madrid which will finish this season without any titles. And this for this Club is a failure that sits next to a complete disaster.

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