It was the pop-culture artist Andy Warhol who claimed... "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes", making this claim in the context of our mass media & hyperconnected society. Well Football has smiled in the last week on Real Madrid on loan Mexican forward Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez catapulting him from obscurity to front page media stardom where 15 mins is relative.

The Mexican is on loan to Real Madrid from his Club Manchester United, basically he does not fit in there & he was given a "way out" in Spain. Real Madrid took the offer because they needed a "substitute" for their NÂș1 striker Karim Benzema, the Club thought why not, cheap & could be handy.  Real Madrid made it clear his role & the Mexican has sat virtually all season on the bench with a handful of appearances & plenty, plenty of warming up along the sideline to see how he never was put on in the end. The situation was frustrating for Chicharito who claimed in Mexico that all he needs is the confidence of his Coach Ancelotti & a few games to prove his worth. 

Real Madrid 2015

Football destiny had it that both Gareth Bale & Karim Benzema got themselves injured & in the most delicate moments of the season for the Club, Champions League quarter-final knockout stage. Without a true forward Real Madrid called onto Chicharito to do his stuff, the main reason Real Madrid accepted the loan from United. The Mexican did not disappoint scoring the winning goal in the 87th min to eliminate Atletico de Madrid from Champions & scoring two goals in Liga last weekend in an uphill game against Celta de Vigo that ended in victory for Real Madrid keeping their League title aspirations still intact. The Mexico has responded to the challenge, taken his opportunity by the throat & is the "star of the moment". Well done, an example of professionalism, hard work & belief in oneself for youngsters & team-mates alike. The man is reaping in the fruits of his labour & it is well deserved.

Said this, Real Madrid has a tough decision to now make. The Spanish Football Club has to communicate to Manchester United if they wish to buy the Mexican; the deadline is 30th of April. The media hype & the pressure from interested third parties (overseas & Mexican sources) are giving fuel to the debate internally if Real Madrid should buy Chicharito for 25M€, that is his transfer price. 

Latest news is that Real Madrid has no intention of paying 25M€, many believe Javier Hernandez is a good striker but not the forward that a giant like Real Madrid needs or should place their goal hopes on. Added to this, Manchester United Coach Louis Van Gaal commented basically that he did not really understand all the fuss & that Chicharito has no place at Manchester United. Unfortunate words as it give Real Madrid negotiating powers.

Real Madrid will not take up the buying clause & will wait to see developments. If Chicharito continues "filling in" well with goals & if Real Madrid do well in Champions League - well is get into the final, better is winning it - the Spanish Club may get back to Manchester United & negotiate a new deal, a deal that will be way lower than the 25M€ transfer fee now asked for by the English Club. Real Madrid has time on their side.

If Javier Hernandez does stay - perhaps an extended year of loan - next season his place will still be on the bench, a plan B or C when the top strikers (Benzema, Bale & Ronaldo) cannot play. 

While all the variables are currently in play & the future travels into the unknown the Mexican is surfing a dream wave that he should enjoy & experience. This same wave may never pass again & Football has a way, very easy way, of taking & later drowning those it chooses. Lets hope Chicharito is a good & strong swimmer.

Stay tuned!

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