FC Barcelona has new "Football Directors" in place & seem to be working hard after the departure - firing - of Andoni Zubizarreta & the his assistant Carles Puyol who quit. The new team is ex FC Barcelona player-Coach Carles Rexach & ex AC Milan Club Manager Ariedro Braida, both with the mission to scout the World Soccer market for Football talent to rejuvenate the Barça squad & maintain its competitive levels against rivals, Real Madrid being the more obvious.

Just days in their office, Spanish Sports media based in Barcelona - & some think at work with Barça - have already published three players that Braida-Rexach have targeted as signing objectives: Verratti (PSG), Danilo (Porto) & Dybala (Palermo), three names on the table as "Barça material" & young Football promises.

FC Barcelona targets

Said this, let’s remind that FC Barcelona cannot sign any player until January 2016 due to the imposed FIFA sanctions due to alleged under aged player signings. The idea however at Barça is to shut pre-agreements with possible new incorporations & ask them to wait until the sanction time limit expires.

However, one thing is the desire to sign & another very different is the reality of signing. Asking a player to wait may not be the best motivational stimulus, apart from the Barcelona atmosphere at this moment with Club Directives in court over alleged tax evasion, upcoming end of season Club Presidential elections & internal squad issues between players & Coach. This last issue is significant because the future of current Coach Luis Enrique depends on winning titles, & the result of Club elections; new candidate players may not like these uncertainties.

Lastly, as with most things associated with FC Barcelona, the shadow of Real Madrid hovers. All three players on the possible signing list are also being closely followed by Real Madrid with some like Verratti a target & Coach Ancelotti personal solicitation.

Smoke? At this point, as with most news about signings at this stage of the season, just speculation & rumour. Plus its a nice way to let the Barça members & fan base think that the new Football Directors actually do some work - or appear so - to keep the Barça flock alive with illusion. Those more "experienced" know that a Club - or any Institution - facing elections cannot make many decisions until after the voted results. All news at this point can only sell Sports papers, & it does well for the Barcelona based daily’s.

Stay tuned!

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