Spanish Cup - Copa del Rey 2º leg return Quarter-finals games this week, tonight At. Madrid - FC Barcelona, & the three remaining tomorrow. Final result 2 - 3 favouring FC Barcelona which eliminates Atletico de Madrid from the Kings Cup with an overall 2 - 4 aggregate result to Barça.

Tonights match had some controversial moments with the referee unfortunately playing a role with bad decisions which "killed off the match". Penalty called when not, penalty not called when it was & a red card given to Atletico de Madrid Captain Gabi in the players tunnel area at the start of the 2º half which left the home team all the 2º half down with 10 men, & without real hopes of turning the game around. 

Said this, FC Barcelona deserved to go through into the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup after winning convincingly in the 1ºst leg & in tonights game. In both cases Barça reacted well under pressure & their big stars resolved well their chances with goals.

Spanish Cup 2015

Atletico de Madrid got off to a flying start when Fernando Torres opened the scoring in the 1st min of play. But when the home team was up front looking for a second, Barça found a counter-attack that Messi started, Suarez participated & Neymar finished with goal in the 9th min. 

At.Madrid reacted & found themselves with a penalty - that was not - in the 29th min that Raul Garcia converted putting Atletico back in the tie. However, Barça was not shaken & in a corner Atletico de Madrid Miranda head in an own-goal to equalize the match & give the upper hand back to the visitors.

Spanish Cup 2015

It was the best moments of the match with end to end play, when in a Atletico de Madrid counter-attack Griezmann had his shot at goal stopped by the arm of defender Jordi Alba. A clear hand-ball & penalty not called that saw how the ball rebounded to favour Barça & in the consequent counter-attack Neymar scored the 3rd goal for Barça in the 42nd min.

Dismay & anger from the Atletico de Madrid players as they basically watched how a comeback-turn around scenario went up in smoke. The Atletico complaints continued & Captain Gabi saw a red card in the players tunnel shutting any chance of a comeback. Stupid action from Gabi but overreaction from the Referee, both actions "killing off" what was up till then a great & entertaining Copa del Rey game.

The second half was nothing near the same as the first, as both teams accepted the result & the final outcome. FC Barcelona into the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup & Atletico de Madrid eliminated.

Tomorrow the remaining three 2º leg return Spanish Cup Q/Final games scheduled.

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