The big Spanish Football Clubs are making their moves to shut & securing their main signing priorities for season 2014 - 2015. FC Barcelona has put Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez as its main priority while Real Madrid CF seems to have focused on Monaco striker Radamel Falcao. Most of the Spanish Sports papers have been running with these stories for the past weeks & both have been gaining in strength along with credibility in the last few days.

Luis Suarez

The latest with Luis Suarez is that FC Barcelona representatives are in London at this moment negotiating with Liverpool FC. According to English paper "The Guardian" Barça has put up an initial offer of 70MGBP, that is around 89M€. Big figure that for the moment does not include any Barça player, although Liverpool FC may like the idea of Alexis Sanchez & thus lower the price for FC Barcelona.

This last "petition" by Liverpool FC depends if Alexis Sanchez accepts the move. The Chilean International is also desired by Arsenal FC & it seems Atletico de Madrid has also asked about the forward. Insiders indicate that the Chilean wants to stay at FC Barcelona.

Negotiations continue...

Real Madrid candidate 2014

At Real Madrid everything indicates that the Spanish Football Club will make a bet on Colombian International & Monaco forward Radamel Falcao. In this particular case there is less "official" news coming out of Real Madrid while all the "talk" seems to be coming out of the players inner circle.

It is speculated that Monaco will facilitate the exit of Falcao & adhere to his wish to get back to Spanish Football, but at a reasonable price for Monaco. Insider comment that Monaco would look at with interest including Real Madrid forward Alvaro Morata in the operation. However, Morata is very close to Italian Club Juventus & the players choice is Italy.

With Falcao there is no mention of transfer conditions or a firm players agreement. As said the "hype" is more a press generated phenomenon than a Club announced open move. Everyone however is confident that the operation will go through & Falcao end up at Real Madrid next season

Lastly, the name of another Colombian James Rodriguez is gaining hype-talk & association with Real Madrid. Stay tuned on this possible front in coming weeks.


Lee said...

Hey Striker, I'm curious, is there much of a backlash in Barcelona against the Saurez signing? I mean, what ever happened to the whole "more than a club" idea? Three biting infractions plus a racial slur and there's no objection to him signing at Barca? I've been a long-term Barca fan, but if they sign that creep I'll be joining you in rooting for Atletico. I can't believe that the Barca fanbase would stand for this. More than a club? Hmmm . . .

STRIKER said...

Hi Lee,

The "More than a Club" slogan is relative. It serves to round up the masses for Club interests. In the Sporting area, the pressure to win at all costs is so high that ethics gets thrown out the window.
Hypocritical you may say.

The "cule" wishes Luis Suarez if that means goals & victories.

What they are more sore about is the 90M€ price tag, more than the biting incident. The question is were will Barça find the money? Just with the yearly gross pay cheques of Messi, Neymar & ¿Suarez? the figure surpasses 150M€ !!!! Just these 3 players.


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