Everyone knows that Uruguayan International & Liverpool FC forward Luis Suarez wants to leave English Football. Football insiders comment that Suarez included a "listen to offers" clause on his renovated contract with Liverpool last year precisely to allow his wanted exit.

There is one place that Luis Suarez wants to play, & that is in Spanish Football. The only two Clubs that the Liverpool FC forward aims at are Real Madrid CF & FC Barcelona. The former has shown interest but is debating about Karim Benzema & if Suarez is really needed. Real Madrid is currently in tough negotiations with Benzema to renew contract & perhaps right now is not the best moment to make a move on another forward. FC Barcelona has thus taken advantage of the "vacuum" left by Real Madrid & has approached Suarez showing interest to sign him for next season. The "big brake" is the 85M€ transfer figure that Liverpool FC places on their player, thus Barça wants to included players like Pedro, Tello & Alexis into the operation.

In Barcelona the local press are already claiming that Luis Suarez has given his OK to FC Barcelona, however other Football insiders claim that the real desire of the player is Real Madrid CF & Suarez maybe pressuring the latter to finally make a move & get out of the shadows to proclaim their interest. 

Luis Suarez bites Chiellini

Whatever the real reasons or negotiation strategies going on, the 85M€ price figure is a serious handicap for Luis Suarez & both Real Madrid & Barça have the advantage to wait until the 30th of August to make a move if they decide to do it.

But what about the "biting incident" with Italian defender Chiellini? It´s the third time, a repeated "disgusting" & unsportsmanlike behaviour that has capture the Worlds attention & seriously blemished the reputation of the player. Obviously, the mentioned Spanish Football Clubs will now reconsider if Luis Suarez is a risk, in fact FC Barcelona has already discussed this issue internally. 

But there maybe another explanation, a far fetched theory that although unlikely due to its risks cannot be discarded. What if the "biting incident" was "planned" to ease & accelerate his exit from English Football & from Liverpool FC. The reaction to the Suarez-Chiellini biting incident has been savage in the UK with hard criticism from the media, Football players & general public opinion. Liverpool FC now sees Luis Suarez as a "problem" for next season & are more receptive to help in the players exit than to hold on to & extend possible negotiations. Another season of English Football for Luis Suarez would be unbearable, thus an exit is now a certainty. 

Will all this lower that initially asked 85M€ by Liverpool FC? If both Real Madrid CF & FC Barcelona wait, it may well force a lowering of price to get the player out of England & Liverpool FC as soon as possible. A far fetched theory? 

I leave it for your thought & realise its "risk level" makes it unlikely. Apart it is very Machiavellian & I doubt that Luis Suarez or his representative (the brother of Bayern Munich Coach Pep Guardiola) would have the nerve to think it. But what about the pretending Clubs? As an idea?

While the Football World awaits the FIFA decision on Luis Suarez, what the "incident" in itself has achieved is to guarantee that the Uruguayan will not be in England next season, nor will he be playing at Liverpool FC. The Football asset for Liverpool FC has now become a "hot potato"  & Real Madrid CF & FC Barcelona know it.

LATEST: FIFA has just handed in an exemplary sanction for Luis Suarez:
  • 9 match suspension
  • 4 months banned from any World Football field
  • 80.000€ fine
This could halt any idea of being signed by Real Madrid & FC Barcelona, as the Club that signs Suarez cannot count on his services until November.

Uruguay will appeal the FIFA decision.

If the above Luis Suarez "biting action" was a plan it has backfired enormously. The "X-File" theory goes out the window. Stay tuned!

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