Not even in the Spain Football Team (or ours) worst nightmare would have they have thought that their opening FIFA World Cup 2014 Group B match against Holland would end in a 1 - 5 defeat. A devastating blow to Spain which had a horrific 2º half with unusual defensive mistakes & mental lapses that cumulated in a moral deterioration that will hurt & leave deep scares.

If Holland thought this to be a revenge match after losing the 2010 World Cup Final to Spain, the end result could not have been sweeter. A perfect start for them as this will certainly lift their spirits for the competition journey ahead. 

Spain World Cup 2014

Some elements that were clear & illustrated by Spain tonight will need to be urgently solved. A blatant ineffectiveness in front of goal & lack of physical stamina that will put a question mark on some of the more veterans,  especially in the midfield like Xavi Hernandez. Spain has incorporated Diego Costa - who started - as a "solution" up front but the player still needs to understand the "Spanish National Team" way of play & is still "timid" with his new role. 

Spain World Cup 2014

The first half was dominated by Spain which controlled the match & looked confident. The goal opportunities timidly arrived & in the 27th min XABI ALONSO put Spain ahead from the penalty spot after Diego Costa was fouled in the area. Minutes later David Silva had a golden chance but failed to convert & this later was paid dearly as Spain could not "knock out" the rival. Holland reacted in the 43rd min when VAN PERSIE brilliantly headed the equalizer after the Spanish defensive were caught "sleeping". A psychological goal that was to herald the tremendous 2º half the Dutch were to exhibit.

Spain World Cup 2014

The second half was a nightmare & it was humiliating for Spain which dropped their heads as the goals went in. The steamy conditions drew the energy out from the players & the midfielders which could not recover spaces & left their defending team-mates under siege. The Dutch were physically superior & closed spaces to suffocate the Spaniards leading to mistakes. Errors which the Dutch capitalised on with their second goal coming in the 52nd min from ROBBEN. However it was the third in the 64th min by Vrij (possible foul on Casillas) that "killed" of a possible comeback attempt for Spain. Unlike Spain, the Dutch are effective with their goal opportunities & convert.

The disaster continued when Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas fumbled a back pass which allowed VAN PERSIE to pounce & score the fourth in the 73rd min. The nightmare continued when ROBBEN scored the Dutch 5th goal in the 81st min, which could had been more had not Casillas made some important saves. 

The Spanish midfield was broken in the  2º half & non-existent as Xavi Hernandez along with Busquets were physically nailed. Spanish Coach Del Bosque made changes bring on Torres & Pedro but it was too late & they too sinned not taking & converting their goal chances.

Holland are deserved winners which went in the this match with a clear "game plan" that worked marvellously for them. Spain will need to reflect on this encounter & solve a few important issues & areas. Remember that Spain also lost their first game back in 2010 & later went on to win the World Cup. However the result tonight was so humiliating that I wonder if the "Champs" can recover & comeback considering that their next game is against Chile & will be a final win or die situation.

Lastly, the man & player which leaves most wounded tonight is Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. With Real Madrid he is the second keeper to Diego Lopez & while defended by all his supporters, team-mates & media all season demonstrated his 2 principal weakness as a goalkeeper: the aerial play & his foot work. Both were badly executed & both gave Dutch goals. Will Iker Casillas be able to psychologically recover from tonight's blow? Will Spain be able to shake off this disaster? It will all be answered against Chile, a win lifting the moral & a loss leading Spanish officials to find the return home flight tickets.

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