Leaving aside the Luis Suarez "biting incident" & his severe FIFA sanction, the news is that FC Barcelona remains interested in signing the Uruguayan striker. The Barcelona based Spanish Sports papers are very adamant that Luis Suarez has given his OK to FC Barcelona & that the latter now only needs to begin negotiations with Liverpool FC. Barça from their end wish to take advantage of the Luis Suarez "biting rage" & force Liverpool to lower their initial asking price of around 85M€ to around 50M€. The Spanish Football Club feels that Liverpool FC is in a "must sell" phase after Suarez sank his teeth into Italian defender Chiellini.

However, other Football observers claim that Luis Suarez is NOT the Nº1 priority of FC Barcelona for their forward line. It is claimed that Napoli & Argentine International Gonzalo Higuain is the main target. It is claimed that Barça retired Captain - & now Club Nº2 Football Director - Carles Puyol shut an agreement with Higuain weeks back, & that it was now a case between Clubs to negotiate. Plus, Coach Luis Enrique & Club Directives want to keep Messi "happy" after losing "best mate" Pinto & Cesc Fabregas, with his current Argentine team-mate.

Luis Suarez, with this news piece, is the alternative for Barcelona, & some Club Directives are questioning the signing option with all the fracas associated with Suarez.  

FC Barcelona

The other option for Luis Suarez to play in Spanish Football is Real Madrid. The Spanish Football Club is patiently watching events as their main objective is to renew the contract of Karim Benzema. The Club is satisfied with their current forward line-up of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale & Benzema (the BBC). There is talk that Alvaro Morata may leave for Juventus FC & if so Real Madrid may sign a "young talent" instead of a consolidated striker. 

It is rumoured that neither Coach Ancelotti nor Cristiano Ronaldo feel comfortable with the possible arrival of Luis Suarez as his inclusion may ruffle feathers at the dressing room level. Said this a new forward has entered the picture - again - in the name of Monaco & Colombian International Radamel Falcao

Falcao seems to be confident that Real Madrid will make an effort this summer to sign him for next season. It has been written that Falcao has told Colombian (squad) friends that he is really close to Real Madrid for next season. 

In any case,  there is plenty of time to shut all these deals. I would think that the mayor Clubs will allow time to expire & thus make nervous players & their respective Clubs. Once nerve set in, the pretending Clubs can better leverage their position & bargaining strength to get their way.

Stay tuned, very interesting weeks ahead for Higuain, Suarez & Falcao.

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