Sunday Spanish Football action with four games of Round 29 Liga including the "Clasico" - Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona - which basically absorbed all the attention. Below are all the final results - scores along with the goalscorers.

Spanish Football 2014

Osasuna hosted Sevilla FC & lost 0 - 2 as the visitors maintained their last Thursday night momentum after defeating Real Betis & going through to the Europa League quarter-final stage. The goals for Sevilla came in the 27th min through Jairo & via a penalty in the 46th min that Bacca converted. Osasuna managed a consolation goal in the 94th min thanks to Acuña.

Spanish Soccer 2014

Real Betis lost to Atletico de Madrid 0 - 2 & remain last on the Spanish Liga classification table. Atletico de Madrid grabbed another 3 points & maintain their candidacy as Spanish Liga title candidates staying in contention & in the race with Real Madrid.

Real Betis managed to keep Atletico under control until the 55th min of the match when Betis forward Braian Rodriguez was sent off with a red card. A stupid hand-ball won him his second yellow card which left his team in a disadvantage & handed the match over to Atletico de Madrid who took control. Was not too long before the chances appeared for the visitors & Gabi scored in the 57th min. The sealer & the 2º goal for Atletico de Madrid came through Diego Costa in the 63rd min putting things out of reach for Betis.

Atletico de Madrid sits at the top of the Spanish Liga table.

Spanish Soccer 2014

Valencia CF got back to winning ways defeating Villarreal 2 - 1. Intense match with Valencia losing goalie Diego Alves with injury early on that brought on Guiata who did a good job keeping Villarreal out of his net.

The two Valencia CF goals came from Javi Fuego with the first in the 35th min & second in the 43rd min. Villarreal put some emotion into the game late with a Giovani 83rd min goal.

El Clasico 2014

Top match as expected between two giants of Spanish & World Football, Real Madrid & FC Barcelona. Intense game with a total of 7 goals between them, three penalties & a Hat-Trick to Lionel Messi. The final result a 3 - 4 win to FC Barcelona over Real Madrid which cuts back the previous 4 point gap to just one & puts the third title contender Atletico de Madrid leader of the Spanish League ( shared points with Real Madrid ).

The match had everything & it had lots of controversy. A penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo which was outside the area & another penalty called on Neymar which was not as the Brazilian "fooled" the referee with a dive. This action caused the red card to Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos which left his team down to 10 men & this obviously had a negative effect on Real Madrid which could not make an effective comeback.

The goalscorer of the game was Lionel Messi, who did little relative to the rest of his team-mates but converted two vital penalties & he knocked in another in a vital moment. The other goalscorer to mention was Karim Benzema with two goals & a couple of more missed that could have sentenced the game. He was the player sacrificed when Sergio Ramos was sent off & this took away some fire-power up-front for Real Madrid. More names to mention are Barça midfielder Andres Iniesta who was brilliant with his opening goal & the penalty given in the fourth, along with Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria who was superb assisting the two goals that Benzema put in.  

The disappointing players were, Gareth Bale for Real Madrid who tried but never finished & Neymar whose only shining moment was a "dive" that gave his team a vital penalty & lead to the sending off of a Real Madrid player. 

Here are all the goalscorers in order:

  • Iniesta 6th min, 0 - 1
  • Benzema 19th min, 1 - 1
  • Benzema 23rd min, 2 - 1
  • Messi 41st min , 2 - 2
  • Cristiano Ronaldo ( penalty ) 54th min, 3 - 2
  • Messi 64th min ( penalty ) 64th min, 3 - 3
  • Messi 83rd min ( penalty ) 84th min, 3 - 4
Summary, we have returned excitement in the Spanish Football League Title race with three Clubs At. Madrid ( 70pts ) , Real Madrid ( 70 pts ) & FC Barcelona ( 69 pts ) all up there separated by wins, goals & 1 point.


Anonymous said...

You blind mate? Neymar foul was clear if unintentional by card had to be due to his position.

Messi contributed to all four goals...get over it...he is GOAT.

You should be happy for the Athleti.

Anonymous said...

"The match had everything & it had lots of controversy. A penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo . . . & another penalty called on Neymar which was not as the Brazilian "fooled" the referee with a dive."

I can't believe you wrote that. Have you ever played soccer? Try running as fast as almost any human on earth can run and then have somebody (Ramos the Red!) swipe kick your rear foot, lifted behind you, from behind. You can stay upright when that happens? Very presumptuous and unfair statement on your part. (Maybe you just don't like Neymar?) Are you saying there was no contact to Neymar's foot, because, if you are, you are absolutely drunk. Ha ha everybody makes up the game they want afterward. It's a conspiracy! Yeah, right, sure it is, Cristiano. it was an absolutely correct call for a PK. Did it deserve a red? That's debatable. But it was not a dive. It was not even going down on contact. If you have played the game then you have probably had this happen to you, and you know it's impossible not to fall.

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