Chilean International & Juventus FC midfielder Arturo Vidal has won himself the praise & tag by most World Soccer observers as currently the  "hottest midfielder" in World Football. Yesterday Spanish Sports paper "Marca" linked the player to a possible Real Madrid interest. The connection comes indirectly from another story that links German International & Borussia Dortmund midfielder Gundogan with Real Madrid.

Juventus FC

Gundogan is said to have a "pre-agreement" with Real Madrid, a preferential option if the Spanish Football Club wishes to sign him for next season. The problem is that Gundogan has been sidelined with a back injury since last August & his situation looks like its not advancing. Juventus player Arturo Vidal has jumped into the spotlight because the Chilean could be the "alternative" to Gundogan. Natural assumption that works better to sell papers than to depict the actual reality.

Vidal was on the Real Madrid agenda last season at a price of around 25-35M€. But this has jumped notably in recent months & may even sky rocket if he puts in a good World Cup performance with Chile. Juventus also has a say in all this & I would doubt at this stage that they would wish to sell their star player & vital piece of the squad.  Lastly, this all smells "contract renewal" time, as the players representative could be using the Real Madrid to lever pressure onto Juventus so as to better the players contract.  

Said this, Vidal is obviously a desired player, which Club in the World would not wish to have him in their squad. But the Real Madrid midfield is currently well served with Xabi, Modric, Illaramendi, Isco, Di Maria, Casemiro etc. The real interest from Real Madrid, if there are needs, is Gundogan.

However, will keep an eye on things. In Football common sense does not exist, & what is white today is black tomorrow. Everything is possible.

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