A few days back a post was uploaded here with the title "NEYMAR TRANSFER COMMISSIONS TIME BOMB | FC BARCELONA PAID 95M€ NOT 57M€ ?". Here was alerted the first signs of possible existing irregularities in the signing of Neymar by FC Barcelona this summer. There are indications of possible undefined commissions with an important difference between the said cost of 57,1M€ & the unofficial cost of more than 95M€ ( some say +120M€).

A FC Barcelona member Mr. Jordi Cases filed a lawsuit against Club President Sandro Rosell & his Directive Team. This lawsuit has been taken up by the Spanish Anti- Corruption Authority under Judge Ruz who sees evidence of possible "wrong doing" & contractual manipulation & will investigate the case.

The above post said that this would have a snow-ball effect & that President Sandro Rosell & his Directives were sitting on a time-bomb awaiting to explode. Well that "time-bomb" has exploded & the shock waves are now shaking Spanish Football & World Soccer.

FC Barcelona scandal

FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell called a Press Conference this afternoon to announce his resignation as President. Until this moment President Sandro Rosell has kept to the "Official Club Line", that everything concerning the signing of Neymar is legit, transparent, that it´s a Madrid lead "conspiracy plot" & that Neymar cost 57,1M€, he even called onto Judge Ruz to call him as soon as possible to the stand to enable him to "break" contractual confidentiality clauses to explain the whole "reality". The overwhelming evidence that has appeared in recent days goes directly in the opposite direction of what has been said & has forced the Club President to take this drastic decision tonight.  Sandro Rosell leaves with arguments about "outside influences" & pressures on his family, that the Club is above any personal interest.

FC Barcelona

The decision makes Vice President Bartomeu the new President of FC Barcelona who announced that the Directive Team will continue until 2016.

President Rosell falls from grace partially because he himself dug his own grave by not being transparent to the Club members & media & allowing doubts over the "Neymar Affair" to linger in the air ( as they still do ). Also Rosell has made enemies within the Club & he has sacrificed himself as the "scape goat". Tied in with all this were personality traits that worked against his favour like over confidence & perhaps a lack of humility that would have served him better. I personally have no doubts that there are "Wolfs" within his own team of Directives that went in for the "kill" tonight & left their President wounded to be preyed on by the scavengers. A "dirty lesson" indeed for Sandro Rosell & a reality check on ruthless Football Politics. 

The next coming days, weeks & months will see more news,  & insights will arise from the "Neymar Affair" along with all the back-room manoeuvring & politics. Dark moments at "Camp Barça" which Barça fans hope will not effect their Football Team in Liga, Spanish Cup & Champions League.

Stay tuned, this isn't finished yet!

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