The current World Champions Spain lost 1 - 0 to South Africa in their Friendly International match played tonight. A well deserved victory for the South Africans who were more motivated, more enthusiastic & more willing to fight the 90 minutes for a prestigious victory. 

South Africa Vs Spain

Spain possibly put forward their worst match in a long time. Perhaps its was the "sweet memories" of 2010, the nostalgic "walk down memory lane", the lovely pictures with the World Cup Trophy or the fact that their minds were elsewhere except on the "Soccer City" pitch. The World Champs started well but deteriorated progressively as the South Africans created opportunities - Manyisu hit the bar mid 1ºst half - which lifted their confidence & allowed them to believe that a win was definitely possible. 

South Africa Vs Spain

The winner for South Africa came in the 56th min when Parker scored beating the Spanish defence & goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Spain attempted to react but South Africa was surfing their "high" while Spain was becoming more & more frustrated. South Africa continued to create chances & could have got another had they been more accurate.

Then in the 75th min FC Barcelona goalie Valdes ( on for Iker Casillas who played the 1ºst half ) suffered an injury to his right twin muscle ( a possible tear ) that forced him to leave the field. This caused confusion as Spain had used up their 6 changes & defender Arbeloa put on the goalie shirt. However, the FIFA delegate allowed a "friendly gesture" of allowing Spain to bring on Pepe Reina, this did not go down well with the South African Coach who remembered the rules & that Spain should be down to 10 men. His anger softened with the South African win later. Spain could have equalized in the last seconds but Spanish defender Albiol missed a "Golden chance". 

The Spanish loss again highlights that Friendly Games are not their forte & that the Forward line still is a "problem" that needs solving. Many would have remembered tonight that a player like Atletico de Madrid forward Diego Costa would have been an interesting option. Although he has his local detractors his intensity & vertical Football may be the alternative option upfront that Spain needs to solve their "goal-fire" deficiencies. 

In conclusion, excellent & well deserved win to South Africa. For Spain an "Africa Tour" to forget, with perhaps filled with too much good memories, perhaps with a certain "holiday atmosphere" & a obvious fact that there are some critical areas of their Football to solve if Spain are to really believe that they can seriously defend their World Champions Title next year in Brazil.

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