Spanish Sports daily "AS" has picked up & put on their cover the story that came out of another media source - a National Sports late-night radio - that Real Madrid Central Defender Sergio Ramos has a serious fall-out with President Florentino Perez. The relationship is said to be deteriorated to the extent that if another Club was to offer around 65M€ Real Madrid would let him go. 

True or false, the main issue is that the real conflict behind it all is that Sergio Ramos wants his salary to be improved: money. The recent renewal of the Cristiano Ronaldo contract has encouraged the Spanish International to "demand" that he too be "improved" because he considers himself a Club "top level" member. The problem is that Sergio Ramos has three years left of his contract & Real Madrid thinks that it is not the moment to even consider or discuss the players economic & professional situation at the Club.

This has angered Sergio Ramos who - according to another media source - thinks that President Florentino Perez is using his influence with certain Football media journalists to discredit him. Thus the fall out between player & President,  which previous was all the reverse as Ramos has always been the "favourite" & some say "the protected" of the Club President. 


The issue has transcended onto the field were the form of the Spanish International is not at its best level. The defender is slow, not concentrated & his Coach Ancelotti believes takes too many unnecessary risks detrimental for the squad. The red card against Galatasaray in Champions League last Wednesday was the 17th,  a "new Club record". The red card caused his Coach to reprimand Ramos on his way to the dressing room & later when asked in post - press interviews commented that the players seems to no listen to his "friendly" advice to not risk. 

Some Football insiders close to the Real Madrid technical team go further & indicate that just as Ancelotti has a professional preference for Diego Lopez over Iker Casillas as goalkeeper, so too does the Coach have a professional preference for Central Defenders. For the Italian Coach Pepe & Varane are his choice, but the continuing knee problems with Varane has halted "for now" his field choices. Ancelotti has even put Ramos back in the right wing to keep the player on the field & thus avoid a "dressing room incident", but the Defender has indicated that he prefers the central defence. 

Real Madrid has put a firm foot forward & has let known to the player that if he wishes to leave they will hear the offer, & better if around the 65M€ mark. The idea is to halt the continuing player demands & hope the Ramos focuses his mind away from Presidential conspiracy theories with media & concentrates on lifting his form & Football back to the levels that has put him at the top of World Football.

If the defender cannot get his mind back on course we may be in for an interesting few months ahead as Ramos could find himself on the bench - as Casillas - were he will begin to think that the Club President has ordered he be put there. This last line of thought would be dangerous for the Club, the team & the player, a tactic well worth avoiding & better concentrate on his Football to simply play better than the last couple of months which has not been of a level that justifies any salary improvement. In fact, his on field performance better justifies a salary reduction.

Stay tuned!  

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