Real Madrid President Florentino Perez went on late night TV last Monday to clear up some incorrect reports about the back condition of new signing Gareth Bale & ended up opening the Radamel Falcao can. When asked about the current Colombian & Monaco forward by the journalists the Real Madrid President answered that Falcao was an excellent player & he had first hand knowledge that Falcao wished to play at Real Madrid. The news obviously reached Falcao & when asked the Colombian was very well mannered & just said that he knew nothing & had a contract with Monaco were he was happy. 

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The above is the "official & politically correct" line. What is being commented behind the scenes by Football observers & insiders is that Falcao ( especially his wife ) is not happy at Monaco & misses the city of Madrid. In fact they still have a house in the Spanish Capital & this equates with the second speculation. That Radamel Falcao will be the new Real Madrid signing for next season.

Radamel Falcao going to Monaco is being called a "bridge signing" or a "boomerang signing". It is being said that Real Madrid has a verbal agreement with the Monaco forward & the player has an "exit clause" in his Monaco contract which contemplates a move to Real Madrid. All that has to be done is that Real Madrid pay Monaco what the French League Club paid for the Colombian. That is , around 50 - 55M€ & the ex Atletico de Madrid forward can go back "home" & to his desired new Club. Real Madrid would have signed Falcao for this season but could not finance signing both Gareth Bale & Falcao.  

Although both parts deny any news of pre-agreements & exit clauses etc., most Football insiders take it for granted that Falcao will end up at Real Madrid. My question is if the Colombian stars at the upcoming 2014 World Cup with his country, will 55M€ be too little?

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Meanwhile the current Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema is also in the local spotlight for not scoring, being way below form & because his future could be in England. There is existing rumbling at Real Madrid that the Frenchman is performing below expectations & should be sold, or at least the Club should listen to offers if they arrive. 

From England comes the rumour which is a strong speculation in Spain that a English Club , Manchester United is rumoured , could be preparing a 45M€ offer for Karim Benzema. The current Man Utd forward Wayne Rooney may not last another season - he was close to Chelsea FC pre-season - & the English Club sees Benzema as the natural substitution.   Nothing new as Manchester United has always had Benzema on their agenda before & after the forward signed for Real Madrid.

This is a story that will be continued & I will be following in coming months. 

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