With hours left before the closing of the transfer window the news from Real Madrid & local Spanish Sports media is that German International midfielder Mesut Ozil has come to an agreement with English Premier League Club Arsenal FC. The Real Madrid player will receive 7M€ per year, that is,  double of what he was receiving from Real Madrid.

The Clubs have shut the transfer deal at 47M€ plus 3M€ in variables which summed up is 50M€. There is as yet no official Club announcement from either but all Football observers say its a matter of hours. Today German newspaper "Bild" announced that Ozil was passing his medical check in Munich for Arsenal FC. 


The Real Madrid player reluctantly leaves, but has come to the realization that the signing of Gareth Bale means that he would be destined to play less than wished with the World Cup coming up next year. Plus the player was soliciting a pay rise these couple of months from Real Madrid that the Spanish Club was reluctant to offer. In the end , Real Madrid accepted the Arsenal FC offer but left the final decision in the hands of Ozil who has apparently decided to take up the English offer.

Real Madrid loses a huge Football talent, but Ozil has perhaps paid the price for his irregular performances. The player is a marvel but suffers ups & downs which effects his regularity. Real Madrid is the Club most Football players dream about one day playing, but the expectations , demands & pressure are so high that some Footballers end up leaving without showing all their true potential. Real Madrid simply has no time to wait in their hungry & obsessive quest for Football objectives & success.

From here we wish Ozil all the luck in the World with his new adventure, barring last minute changes which are always possible in Football.

LATEST: Ozil signs for 5 years with Arsenal at 8.5M€ / season (read in Spanish)

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GarthieP said...

Superb signing. As a Barcelona fan, you have no idea how happy I was to see this deal go through.As a Spanish Football fan however, it is a great loss to La Liga and only adds to the vast amount of talent that has left the league for the EPL(I blame Michu!). Ozil has been magnificent for Madrid and Germany, and Arsenal truly have a game changer in their midsts. If the team is built around him, as I hope Wenger plans to do, Arsenal are truly back in contention for all titles. He is that good. His stats are outrageous, and him and Cazorla will form a formidable partnership(both stolen from La Liga). Good riddance to a rival player, but a sad goodbye to a superb talent in La Liga.

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