Spanish International Football player Andres Iniesta ends contract with FC Barcelona in 2015. The Club is currently in negotiations with Iniesta to renew his contract & the player has turned back the first offer. This has attracted the "Big Football Sharks" to come in & investigate the waters in case their is a possibility of a feast. 

From England - "Daily Star" - comes the news that Manchester United & Manchester City are already circling the possible prey & are said to be willing to do & give what it takes to lure Iniesta out of Barcelona. City has the advantage that their current top Club Directives are ex-Barça & are familiar with the player & his inner circle. 

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Beforehand, Barça fans should not be concerned. The player has voiced his desire to continue & finish his career at FC Barcelona. But, what Iniesta has not said is that he wishes to be shown the "love"  that others have been shown & have not been as long as he has at the Club.

The arrival of Neymar at FC Barcelona has raffled the feathers of the "corral", especially after the players believe that Neymar earns 17M€ / season. This calculation comes from the 50M€ advance to the father of Neymar ( 10M€ / season for the 5 year contract ) plus the 7M€ / season that Barça says is the salary of Neymar. The "Roosters" in the dressing room aren't buying the Club Directives manoeuvres & want the same conditions.

Football Insiders say that the Iniesta team is asking Barça for a salary rise of 17M€ / season & here is were the initiation negotiations have started. I personally don´t think money is the prime issue with Iniesta, but were I do believe there is a possible "Achilles heal" is with bench time & changing times ahead.

Football changes on a daily basis, what is said today is disclaimed tomorrow. The best friend of Iniesta goalkeeper Victor Valdes is leaving the Club next season for new experiences ( apart from the bad vibes with Club Directives ). Iniesta may in time also wish for experience new sensations especially if he is rested too much on the bench & sees that his contribution will be less in coming seasons due to the explosion of a current player, a new incorporation & new ideas from the Coach ( or new Coach ). Said simply anything can happen & Football changes things rapidly.

Manchester City & United do well to position themselves & let known early that they are alternatives. Having said this Real Madrid is the biggest shark of them all & they too will be circling.

Stay tuned!

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