Brazilian International & Chelsea FC defender David Luiz is occupying the Spanish Sports papers after news from England comments that FC Barcelona has made a 40M€ offer for the defender. Contradictory news, because from Barcelona that figure is close to 25M€ which should not really surprise us as these numbers are often distorted. The case is that David Luiz seems to be the man chosen by Barça to fill the Central Defensive position they wish so "desperately" to solve. The interesting thing is that David Luiz is better suited as a defensive midfielder as one of his main criticisms as a strict defender is his attacking tendency which leaves aside his defensive tactical obligations.

Thing is Chelsea FC has rejected the first offer. What is not clear is if Chelsea FC is looking for a higher bid ( offer ) or if Coach Jose Mourinho wishes Luiz to stay at Chelsea FC. The "sudden" withdrawal from yesterdays Real Madrid pre-season match has raised speculations that negotiations may in fact be advancing. One would expect that if FC Barcelona are really serious about signing David Luiz that they will soon make another offer, although it does not look easy or certain.

Meanwhile, FC Barcelona keeps "open" a second front just in case. Their Plan B is Liverpool FC Danish defender Daniel Agger where Barça maintains the name on their table. But some insiders suggest that the best plan may just be recovering from injury as soon as possible Carles Puyol. Thus getting their Captain back in form asap will earn Barça money, time & effort. 

Stay tuned!

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