Ireland Coach Giovanni Trapattoni mentioned after the Spain - Ireland Friendly game days back, that this Spain was better than the legendary Brazil of Pele. A real honour coming from a man who is a walking Football History book & with huge experience. 

There is no doubt that Spain has & is ruling World Football since 2008 with Euro 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010 & Euro 2012 titles. If Spain can add the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup it would be a cherry on their cake, although the history breaker & "immortal status" would be to retain World Champions title by winning the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Difficult but possible with this generation of Spanish Football players.

Soccer Spain

There are many reasons why Spain now dominates World Football, one being obvious, the gathering of an exceptional once in a lifetime generation of class players like Iniesta, Xavi, Ramos, Pique, Casillas, Silva etc & etc. But another reason is the exportation of Spanish Football Players to overseas to foreign Football Leagues.

This until recent times was not a common practice for Spanish Football Players, it was very rare because they were timid & full of non-confidence due to lack of language skills, lack of foreign culture & very close family ties. Take the very last signing by Manchester City, wing Jesus Navas, he has overcome a serious problem of anxiety attacks eveytime he was far from home. The proble was so severe that it threaten to halt his International Football career.  Now the man goes 1000s of kilometres the practice his profession.

The above image shows a handful of Spanish players overseas who are part of the Spanish National Team, back there are many others like Michu ( Swansea ) , Javi Garcia ( Man City ) , David de Gea ( Man Utd ) & so on, just to mention a few.

This jump overseas has given Spanish players new, different Football styles & culture & when they all return to the National Team, Spain as a Football squad benefits from the richness & the elimination of a past inferiority complex. 

There will be more exports. Iago Aspas of Celta will join Liverpool FC next season, Adrian & Cañas of Betis go of to England, young Thiago of FC Barcelona is rumoured for Man Utd & Joaquin of Malaga goes off to Italy next season. This is good, for their personal growth & experience & for Spanish Football, where we hope will continue to give us plenty of joys in the next coming years. 

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