Nearly everyone takes it as a given that Brazilian & Santos player Neymar will make the jump soon to European Football  & concretely to FC Barcelona. In fact, it is well known that there exists a pre-agreement between Neymar & FC Barcelona with the latter advancing 10M€ to the player & with a penalty clause if the player does not sign. The only unknown is when will be his arrival, Barça is pressuring for the player to make a decision & arrive this summer. However, as commented & written here in the past, the player & his close aids are unpredictable & there are other Clubs interested, one in particular very interested & which may change things in a radical way. 

Soccer Spain 2013

According to a popular late night TV Football Show, Real Madrid has sent a representative ( an ambassador ) over to Brazil to sway things their way & offer more money. Apparently Real Madrid President Florentino Perez wishes to be re-elected this June as Club President & with it give the Club members & the fan-base a signing that will send shock waves around World Football & over to FC Barcelona.

The high price being asked by Tottenham Hotspurs for Gareth Bale - 90M€ - has swayed the Spanish Club to put its priorities back on Neymar & this has made FC Barcelona uneasy & even with signs of panic as it has been commented that Barça President Rosell acknowledges to his inner circle that the operation has complicated itself in a serious manner. FC Barcelona has detected that there is an offer for Neymar above the 40M€ that Barça has agreed on & this only smells Real Madrid. Worst still, key local players in the Neymar transfer operation ( intermediaries & sponsors ) have apparently changed their ways of thinking & are now open & favouring a Real Madrid transfer.

The possibility of Neymar ending in Real Madrid would be a personal disaster for FC Barcelona President Rosell & his Directive team & a kick below the "moral" belt by Real Madrid. Some observers claim it is just Real Madrid making the transfer more costly, others that it is a pressure move to lower the price of Gareth Bale, while others insist that Neymar is the now the Nº1 signing priority of Real Madrid & that President Florentino Perez has put out all his big guns & influences to achieve it. The story goes further & the commentators add that Real Madrid is willing to pay the penalty clause to FC Barcelona on top of a higher signing bid. Here Barça cannot not compete & this has set the "alarm bells" off at "Camp Barça". The only reaction that Barça can do & is asking is that Neymar go out publicly to media & say categorically that he only wishes to sign & play for Barcelona, & as yet no such things has occurred.

Stay tuned. As the saying goes, it is not over until the Fat Lady sings, & in the Neymar signing case, no one has sung just yet. 

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