The aftermath reaction to yesterdays painful 4 - 1 defeat by Real Madrid at the hands of German Club Borussia Dortmund is to conjure up "spirits" of past glorious comebacks at the "Santiago Bernabeu Stadium". The message from Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho is that "we must die on the field, nothing is impossible". Sounds like something General Custer said before being slaughter by the Indians on the "battlefield".

What the reality calls for is that Real Madrid will need to win 3-0 next Tuesday to turnaround that semi final of Champions League & thus eliminate Borussia Dortmund. This in itself is possible, what is unlikely is that Real Madrid will keep the Germans from scoring. That is, Real Madrid must not allow Dortmund to score, & this in my opinion is nearly impossible.

I have not seen any evidence at all this season in Champions League ( or the three games against Dortmund already played ) that Real Madrid has the players or the ideas of keeping Borussia without scoring next Tuesday. Precisely it is the Real Madrid defence that has deficiencies & much more, the midfield is too slow ( & tired ) to stop the Germans. Added to this, Real Madrid has no choice but to line-up a super offensive-attacking line-up in order to launch themselves after the much needed three goals. This will leave the defence "undermanned" or at a minimum with spaces that the Germans can exploit. 

A club like Real Madrid must look towards turning around this difficult semi-final tie because it is what is expected from a Football Club of this dimension, with its impressive history, with the star-studded squad that it has, the profile of Coach & for the respect to its fans & supporters. It is correct that Real Madrid has already began its self-psychology of believing in the comeback & building up the atmosphere to create & allow a possible night of historical magic.

But lets be realistic, I would not bet on Real Madrid eliminating Borussia Dortmund. Yes, Real Madrid may win the game & save some pride, but I do not see how or believe that Real Madrid can keep Borussia Dortmund scoreless for 90 miniutes. I do think nothing is impossible, & least in Football, but the keeping Borussia scoreless, the vital element of the equation,  is almost impossible seen what has been seen. The true winner will be the local press & TVs in their promotion of the "second coming of the Football Jesus to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium". I hope the fall & the let down with not be so hard.

I pray that I am proved wrong. I would enjoy to receive a barrage of criticism next Tuesday late night for being an unbeliever. It would be a pleasure, if it means that Spanish Football has a Club in the Champions League Final, & I say this for FC Barcelona as well which has another miracle to perform if they are to get through.

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